Dan Moore for re-election to Circuit Court Judge

I hope you will consider voting for Judge Dan Moore to re-elect him to the position of Judge of the Circuit Court.   Before you check out his bio- below, let me tell you where I was coming from and how I got to where I am now on Judge Moore. First, count me as one was skeptical of Dan Moore becoming judge.  Dan is a big guy and he could be a tough litigator.  He could not be out worked and he could not be out done when it came to a court fight.  His reputation, deserved or not, was that he could overpower, some might say–bully his opponents.  I personally did not experience that, but some did.  In the legal world of Southern Indiana, this brash tough and non-stop moving forward style did not make Dan the most popular guy.  When he won judge, this reputation came with him and many were…dare I say…afraid to appear before him.   Lawyers all well know the phenomenon sometimes called “robe-itis” … the tendency of some trial court judges to  develop an over inflated sense of power and ego.  Robe-itis will tempt even the best man or woman.  In a person of flawed character… it can work tragic results.  So it was, I think, that the bar feared a man as aggressive as Dan might succumb to this professional malady.

Well, they were wrong.  What they got instead was a truly seasoned attorney who well knew the risks of robe-itis and has avoided it.  Not to say Judge Moore is a cupcake. Woe unto the lawyer who comes to court unprepared, or lacking candor and honesty or trying to ‘game’ the system.  But, if you come to this Court and speak honestly, if you put forth the effort, If you yourself work hard, behave and look professional,  if you stand up for yourself and back your position with authority….you will be just fine.  But get ready to work!

The Courts can seem a mysterious labyrinth to the layman.  But let’s put it this way… getting a case through the judicial process takes work. and .this is a judge who will NOT be outworked. Judge Moore has been trying cases more than any other judge in Southern Indiana….including a multi-week death penalty case last year that was venued in from Evansville.  This is a judge who …. on every plea agreement is at pains to make sure that the victims of the crime have been notified of the sentence being proposed and are ‘on board’ with it.  Judge Moore cracks on the defense…and he cracks on the prosecutor’s as well…. to insure people’s rights are protected and EVERYONE gets a fair shake.

Look, no judge is perfect just as no person is perfect…but this is a judge who is seasoned,  intelligent, insightful and , I have to say, harder working than any I have known.  It would be a shame for the people of Clark County not take advantage of those gifts he brings to the office.

Here’s his bio- (which I copied and pasted from his campaign website)

dan_bioJudge Moore has managed the docket and work of this Clark Circuit Court No. 1 in a way that reaches out to the community.  He has formed a program called Riding the Circuit that schedules meetings with groups in schools, area clubs and organizations and churches where he visits to meet with citizens of all ages to explain the workings of the court system  and, hopefully, remove some of the  mystery about it.   He often tells young people that he wants to meet and talk with them in their own setting, at club or youth group meeting, because he never wants their  “first meeting” to be when they are standing in front of him in the Court in restraints after being arrested.  Judge Moore emphasizes career planning for high school students to keep them out of the criminal court.  He is always glad to be a resource to help any young person move toward productive future options in their teen and post high school years.


Before assuming the bench, Judge Moore was a practicing attorney who appeared on behalf of clients in jury trials of all types.  He also served as Clark County Attorney Chief Deputy Prosecutor, counsel for the Clarksville Community School Corporation and attorney for the INAAP Reuse Authority.  In 1994-1998, he was chief liaison for Clark County in negotiations with the U. S Army and Congressional offices that led to a land conveyance bill being passed by the Congress, and signed by President Clinton.

In his years of public service Judge Moore also worked to establish the first countywide recycling program and the first medically directed ambulance and EMS system for Clark County under the guidance of the Health Department and Health Officer, a physician.  He represented the county commissioners and treasurer in several lawsuits that resulted in substantial property tax collection recoveries for Clark County.  He has represented the county in the Indiana Court of Appeals.  Judge Moore also published two articles on property tax collections for professional presentations.  He has served on the adjunct faculty for Business Law and Criminal Justice courses at Indiana University Southeast, Ivy Tech and Strayer University in Louisville.


  • Franklin College, Bachelor Degree
  • Indiana University, Master’s Degree
  • John Marshall law School, Juris Doctor law degree

In addition to his law degree, Judge Moore holds a Masters Degree in education administration from Indiana University and a Bachelor Degree from Franklin College of Indiana.  He is a member of the Indiana Bar Association and serves on the Board of Directors of the Indiana Bar Foundation.  He is admitted to the bar of the Indiana Supreme Court, the Federal District Court, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago and the United States Supreme Court.


Judge Moore seeks to make his office services innovative and available to the public in a way that reflects modern times, subject to the rules of practice and procedure for the Indiana courts.   He has instituted a Night Court docket for one evening a week, hoping to make court services available for those who are unable to make it their due to employment or child care commitments.   Clark Circuit Court No. 1 can be reached at 812-285-6308.


Created Night Court program for after-hours hearings for those with work schedule problems 

Implemented Crisis Intervention Team (C.I.T.) with area police and hospitals to deal with mental health patients confronted by police 

Started Clark Legal Self Help Center in courthouse to provide guidance and direction for indigent citizens needing legal information.  clarklegalselfhelp.com

Manages a full general jurisdiction docket of cases in business conflicts, criminal cases, divorce and family law, personal injury and probate cases

7 comments for “Dan Moore for re-election to Circuit Court Judge

  1. Southern Belle
    March 17, 2014 at 10:57 pm

    Wow! Impressive!

  2. The_Oracle
    March 18, 2014 at 3:28 am

    Some years ago, I had a conversation with Dan Moore — before he was elected judge — that helped me understand him quite a bit better. He was a bit puzzled by something and felt I might have some insights into the situation and asked for my help.

    What I realized during that conversation was that this community and its people matter to him, and after having my own questions about his candidacy, that very candid chat we had left me believing he’d make a very worthy judge.

  3. hoosiertaxpayer
    March 18, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    I met and know Dan Moore more on a personal level than professional level. His daughter and my son played on the same little league team that Dan coached many years ago. While he was busy as a up and coming attorney he still had time for his daughter and the kids on the team. His priorities were in the right place then as I’m sure they are now having known Dan …I totally agree with Goliaths recommendation and will be voting and promoting Dan Moore for judge…Good Luck to him…

  4. Tina Taxpayer
    March 18, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    creating a legal self help group sounds like a fantastic accomplishment and I can’t believe the county did not have one before this. This shows that he does actually care about the people that appear before him in court and the citizens of clark county. Thanks for the info, def has my vote as well.

  5. Ernest
    March 19, 2014 at 12:25 am

    Dan Moore is a fine, dedicated judge from what I understand. However, the other judges lack a consensus because of Judge Moore. Judge Moore gives the appearance of doing the right thing for the county as well as the public. Judge Weber and Carmichael back Andrew Adams as he is a “good ole boy” and will fall in line. Some say they also support Judge Jacobi for the very same reason. Its the typical power play in Clark County politics. The Dems will support a incompetent judge and a “good ole boy” simply to maintain a consensus to have their power unchecked. Hopefully the voters will vote for integrity.

    • March 19, 2014 at 9:57 pm

      From what I hear from others who work down there the two aforementioned judges are the biggest problems in the building as they only care about themselves and not the people they were elected to serve. Clark Co. deserves better.

  6. hoosiertaxpayer
    March 21, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    Just wondering who does Goliath’s endorse in the other judge races ??

    Weber is unopposed I believe but what about the other race ?

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