Debbie, George Zimmerman, and Pesty get HT Suspended

ht Apparently apologizms_mandela_main_20120328164318663874-420x0ing for an “insensitive” and “hate monger” post gets you suspended from the CCC…HT was sorry about posting his very “insensitive” and “hate monger” post seen here and being very sincere HT posted this apology to old George Zimmerman (below)


Sorry for the “insensitive” and “hate monger” remark….George I apologize

From now on I will refer to my copy of “Posting on the CCC , for Dummies” by Pesty Flannigan before posting in order to see if my post is appropriate for CCC audiences…



That was it, the above post was deleted and  HT’s sincere apology got ole HT suspended till April 2014…Never mind Debbie (who outed Pesty to the whole world) a cowardly act I might mention, called ole HT a “hate monger”. And HT promised to be more sensitive in the future by referring to  Pesty Flannigan’s best selling book “Posting on the CCC for Dummies” before posting in order to deem what is appropriate and what isn’t,  HT now in cyber jail…So Debbie, NHBSM, Oldgoat and the Biq Q are free to post their BS without ole HT calling them out on it….Isn’t it ironic a day after the death of Nelson Mandella we now have another political prisoner being held captive on the CCC,…. ole HT…download (3)


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