Decapitated Possum (Don’t let kids see this!!!)

Just in case you missed this here tragic image,  Goliath is reproducing it here so you can look long and well at what happens to a possum (my friend from long ago…Felix the possum) when it get a little to smarty pants about hanging around on the old railroad tracks.  Possomhead

You probably thought….somehow Felix deserved this ignoble end. It aint’ true.  Many and many folks that had they head cut off didn’t deserve it. For example, Goliath had his head cut off…by that whippersnapper what is told about in a book that you might of heard of called “The Bible”.  Goliath not deserve head cut off!!!  Goliath just doing his job for the King of the Philistines and what was supposed to be a fair fight turned out VERY UNFAIR as the other side used unconventional and NOT AGREED ON weapons to fight Goliath.

But in the case of Felix,  this here was a even worse case of dad blasted unfairness.  ALL felix was trying to do was cross over the dad blasted Rail road track and get to the garbage out behind that horrible restraunt what is behind Goliath’s compound on the other side of the RR track.

Felix look up and see a strange and very unnatural light shining down upon him.  A huge noise like roaring thunder bearing down at him too! Felix is hard wired by his maker to not be a fighter…Felix was a lover! He not fight the would be predators he simply freeze up and fall over like he is dead.  BUt, in this instance when

he freeze up,  this not appease the oncoming threat. Felix’s head lying just so tenderly over the rail and

next thing you know…… IT was a tragedy then and SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE!!


Further unfairness of the most cruel kind.