Democrats of Clark County…. PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER!!!

I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat. –Will Rogers


O My Heathern Gawds….Goliath set down an lunch today with YMC and his beautiful wimmen and her little sprout.  All was most enjoyable until YMC bring up the dreaded topic of politics.   He say based on the numbers when Jamey Noel went against Danny Rodden,  Jamey is a shoo-in.Jamey Noel(MEET YOUR NEW SHERIFF)

Now take a look.  Whoever wins the Dem Primary will now face off against  a. Jamey Noel  AND b. Mac Spainhour.   Who does Mac hurt? He hurts us.    That’s who.  Then we had the wonderul spectacle of DEAN MARBLE coming out to ‘endorse’ Mac.  Dean Marble.  The guy that all his life benefited from Democrat help. Rode the coat tails of Democrat Mike Becher to make Sheriff himself.  Yeah…that “Democrat” Dean Marble.    Thanks DEAN.Photo: This is Former Clark County Sheriff Dean Marble with Mac!!! Thanks for your support Dean!!!


Meanwhile,  Dems cannot leave just that race alone and cannot resist MUCKING UP their strength bases.  For example,  what is the most powerful seat in the County?  Well, it used to be Circuit Court. Hey…guess what?  We GOT THAT!  Lifelong Dem Dan Moore is up for re-electionDan Moore Family (as is Judge Jerry Jacobi)  Dan won his seat in spite of the bollocks-up process by which he was caucused into the seat.  (Please …I don’t want to think about that old cluster-muck…it’s too too painful).   Anyway,  Dan wins fair and square in a head to head against Abe Navarro.    But, for some reason we now have this DEM incumbent being challenged in the primary by Drew Adams.  Yeah. Now, has Dan done something wrong? I can’t see it.  This guy has been working his tail off. Take a look…his court has had more jury trials in the past year than all the other courts put together. (Including a Death Penalty trial)  This is no “toxic” candidate but one the Dems should be backing whole heartedly. (here’s his website )   But,….I ain’t gettin’ that.

Hey, Goliath knows very very well Drew is a good guy and he certainly has been a great supporter of the local Dem party!  Good on you Drew!   But can someone explain why we are fixin’ to have a fight in THAT primary?  What?  Is Dan Moore not “DEM” enough for ya?  As for the benefits of displacing incumbents….I have two words for ya….”DICK LUGAR”.              Do you guys and gals think the Repubs are ignoring this race?  Did you guys not notice that  Republican TOM LOWE  withdrew as Jeff City Attorney  last year to “pursue larger matters?”  What do you think Tom is shootin’ for? 


This shizz goes on too….  For example,  Over in the Commissioner’s race we got INCUMBENT John Perkins having to face off Dave Abbott.   Now Goliath the first to admit that Perkins may be a dead duck in the General …Probably couldn’t beat anybody the Repubs chose to run. But check it out…. You.. WE …PICKED HIM for that seat! (Remember the Caucus?)  Ok ok….so he’s “toxic John” and he’s gotta go….that’s the ticket!  This is NOT how you do it.  Here’s how it’s supposed to happen.  The Party leadership gets JOHN  not to run and places him in an effective spot somewhere else…’deputy Recorder’ or ‘deputy auditor’ or names him to a board (Air board?) or something.  THEN you run Dave Abbott.   BTW….Dave Abbott sure don’t look like ‘new blood with a fresh face’.  Just so you know…To the young people (and by that I mean people under 40 years old)  Dave Abbott looks like one of the good old boys. (here’s a photo from Facebook with our Party Chair, Bobby Bottorff posing with Dave Abbott)


Over in the other races we got Lincoln Crum running for Recorder.  You know what? When Lincoln started running I heard some folks making fun of the guy…but, frankly, he has shown the most sense of anybody I can see!!! Damn!  He has run a great campaign. He is out there on the road and saturating social media with positive up beat messages.


This is so beautiful,  Susan Popp  has announced she is in this. Nearly the same day it seemed,  former Judge Steve Fleece  announced he’s in it too.  WHAT????

Please Judge Fleece,  you have been a great life long Dem but this just doesn’t look like your spot.  May we suggest AUDITOR?   You would be great at that. Who knows where to watch the finances like you?   It just seems like being Clerk is a step down from judge and meanwhile, Susan Popp looks like the future and a great fit for that office. Why should  two great Dem Candidates knock heads against each other?  Lets beat the Republicans!   Goliath try to explain all this three months ago. Nobody listening I guess: That don’t mean we can’t still figure this out. OK OK….if you can’t do it the Goliath way we would be ok with Susan as Auditor and  Judge Fleece as Clerk.  Just don’t hurt each other (and the DEMS!!)


As Goliath predicted many many year ago, our beloved Bob Bottorff is fated to be our next prosecutor…

But,  do not look too fast….you might see Jeremy Mull dogging his trail.  Jeremy is a good guy and has been the Chief Deputy for Steve Stewart for many years now so in a year when Republicans look to be strong in the Fall…..don’t be surprised to see Mull give Bottorff a  very good race.   ………But wait….could Mull actually beat Bottorff?  It would seem most unlikely…but but but…..What if?   Goliath thinks it’s time for  Steve Stewart, the County Prosecutor who has enjoyed the LIFE LONG SUPPORT of the DEMOCRAT PARTY to come out and make it CLEAR that he supports Bottorff.  After all, Bob served in a very similar capacity to Jeremy for a long time.  Rumors are floating that Stewart is tacitly supporting Mull…But Goliath refuse to believe it.  Stewart has been the beneficiary of Democrat Party here  in Clark County for decades…he is too principled a person to betray the party that has supported him all these years.  So,  please, Stewart,   when are you going to make your announcement?


Now all this here above is just Goliath’s opinions.  So you can take all with a grain of salt …perhaps.  But the fractured nature of the current Clark County Dems is worth noting and it’s worth trying to avoid.  Take a look over at our vaunted opponents. Under the leadership of Glen Murphy Jr. and then Jamey Noel, with one or two exceptions…they have been able to revitalize their party and the result has been WINNING…in Jeff and in the Commissioner’s offices and in other County Offices.  That doesn’t happen by accident.  That happens, in part, by picking solid candidates and backing them. (Exception Kelly Khuri).   The Dems did well to move to Bob Bottorff as their Chair….but it is troubling to see the current state of affairs.  Believe Goliath when he say…the Republicans are watching and they WILL take any weakness and exploit it.





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