GAWNEWS (and the batblog) “KID FRIENDLY”

UPDATE: Batblog Kid Friendly!!! Best of the BatBlogQuasar checking the talkers on CCC so as to not go “off topic” discussing the diff between Gawnews and CCC.  Gawnews is awesome …and far superior and has whipped CCC about 3-4 times in Cyber wars. (so many and so easy now Goliath forgets how many exact times Goliath done whooped CCC).  Any way…here is some of what was being said:

Tina Taxpayer (Long lost cousin of HT..maybe?) said: “Also I too was stunned by gaw news removing their post.  And they say the chatter is slanted.  Does this typically happen?  I am new to their site. ”

Pesty V 2.0 (that traitor) said: Tina,  rest assured…Gawnews is a terrible site.  CCC is MUCH better.   Why DID Gaw remove the POSTS?????  BTW…you are right on the money with your view of thearrest issue. ….

Then Woo (formerly MB1) said: “Apples and Oranges.
Not the same format, not the same content. ”

Then a dipshit, said, “Yes, but they don’t believe in censorsh … oh, oops, nevermind.”

Next, Woo came back with: “The Chatter has always been more family oriented, harsh words and personal attacks have never been tolerated.
We like to think it’s a website that you would let your kids read. ”

Hey, wait a second…Gawnews is great for kids… much better than CCC if your kids got any dad blasted sense!!