Dodgy Days

Goliath likes to spend time in the evening sailing along on this three speed bicycle thing.  Some people apparently wondering…why Goliath so dad blasted quiet. No posts for a while and such.  They all forget the very very important fact that Goliath has to contend with the Sprout and all her many doings…these has been many and….in addition…Goliath was called to battle….a battle in which at the last moment it collapsed and now Goliath must regird the loins for the fight in August…but I guess that’s ok.

Meanwhile,  many many things moving on the fronts of the old Jeffersonville Political scene.  Weirdest time ever with two incumbent judges voted out in the PRIMARY election.   Goliath ponders this and looks to the fall.

Meanwhile,  Goliath notes ole HT over on the Blat Bog trying to fill the shoes of Goliath…good luck with that HT.

You want more from Goliath?  But, dad blast hit …look at all what he already done give! And what does Goliath get in return?  A dad blast couple jugs of Jagermeister….Goliath looking for some real swag!

Meanwhile…Congratulations to Susan Popp…Goliath picked her to win the Clerks race and dad blast if she did’n do it.