Dramatic Events from Out of Town to Jeffersonville Indiana

Dalai Lemme rants and Rails on the barbeque fest in Downtown Jeff.  According to the Dalai…this offensive parade has done NOTHING for Jeff but poses a HUGE imposition on the folks what live downtonw. Lemme is waxing wroth and will have none of it. Biggest attraction:  People pissing in residents front lawns and in the street because that is so much easier than standing in line for a port o potty.

CATFIGHT:  as most ‘in the know’ lawyers and whatnots at the courthouse know…there is a thing called ‘the coven’.  This is a pack of wild female lawyers who specialize in DIVORCE and family law.  Most feared by the rest of the bar…these she devils will tear a man (or woman) to shreads if they FEEL like it.   This past week…the story is told that One Coven member Mary Fondrisi  learned that Coven Member Rebecca Lockard’s client was IN HER OFFICE and, meanwhile,  Client had obtained an arrest warrant for Failures of child support.  The COPS were sent by SOMEONE to Rebecca Lockard’s office and marched back to her sanctum and arrested her client.

Let it be known..let it be well known….this is not CRICKET.  Word is Rebecca has sworn a blood oath to repay tenfold the wrong done to her by Mary Fondrisi.  This could be NUCLEAR!!!!!

MISSED OPPORTUNITY:  As many may know a horrible death penalty case is presently being tried in Judge Dan Moore’s court.  The case is originally from Evansville being venued here to avoid the massive press saturation of Evansville.   Goliath was contacted and asked by an Evansville paper to cover this story for the Eville paper. Unfortunately, Goliath had to turn this Potential Pulitzer Prize winning opportunity down as Goliath was “Out of TOWN”.