DULEY PERRIN (Reprint of article by “Pesty” from December 2009)

I got this from an old timer. Have no idea if it’s true.

Mr. Perrin ran a fairly straight joint. (considering) and
was an independent operator. Lots of boodle coming through
Jeff, back in the day. Perrin was young and very tough.
The Chicago boys were expanding. Liked to send money down
and run it through the joints here for ‘clean up’.

Then, the story goes, the Capone outfit wanted to expand
the reach of its operations. (God only knows what they did
in Indianapolis before they got here). So, Capone sends
down the famed killer Frank Nitti to have a sit down with
Duley Perrin.

Nitti comes in the joint and of course there is a stir.
After ‘taking in the atmosphere’ Nitti lets it be known
he wants to talk to Duley.

Duley says “sure…send him back”. Mr. Nitti is escorted
into Duley’s office to make his proposal (a la Godfather
1…one you can’t refuse). As Nitti takes a seat in Duley’s
office two local boys (names lost to history…but no doubt
the fathers or grandfathers of some current well known locals)
step into the room behind Nitti armed with a shotgun and
a Thompson submachine gun.

Mr. Perrin says, ‘now what was it you wanted to discuss Mr.

Impressed with the concept of easier pickings in other burgs…
Nitti left without exacting a promise of rewards for ‘protection’ (perhaps one of the men was a local Police
Captain? Thus signifying local ‘protection’). “Give Mr.
Capone my best” said Mr. Perrin.

That is the stuff that gets Municipal Parks named after you.

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