Dustin White for Council

Goliath sees that according to the CCC  which Goliath done be told is an impeccable source of fact based reality.   Dustin White “EXPLODED” .  At first Goliath be thinking…. they has killed Dustin and imagined Dustin’s body parts splattering all over Court Avenue as they landed here and yon from the blast wave.

Then Goliath done find out that this supposed to mean Dustin spoke to someone  in a ‘rude angry or insolent’ manner.   Goliath knows them words well. They is rooted in the criminal law…. from the Battery statute as  Goliath done faced down charges of Battry many many times as all and the many knows very very well.  (Goliath always found not guilty BTW!)   Goliath get more and more innerested in this here story…. it come out that sposedly the COPS was called!!!   Then it come out that NSHBM  clamber on board this here story and calls White a hothead “little giant” and such.  Now the game is REALLY afoot!

Goliath RUSH to check Mobile Patrol App on giant ipad and look for Dustin’s MUGSHOT from assaulting a major voting base. Perhaps he went wild and started roundhouses all over CLUCKERS?!

But, Goliath very very dissappointed to see NOTHING.   Goliath finally desperate and reach out to Dustin and ask “Is you in Police Custody?”  (Goliath naturally assumed Dustin MUST be Guilty as HELL since, after all, he is a BLACK AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN….)  But Dustin once again dissappoints Goliath…No…he answer… the Police haven’t called me or talk to me.

But….that not stop the CCC from carrying the story on right away.  With japes and jibes at Dustin.  (Which, after all don’t seem very fair but we ARE talking about JEFF CITY politics now).   So Goliath dig a bit deeper into this here.   He find out Dustin is friends with Morgan Coomer.   My heathern GAWDS!!!!  Does you readers know Morgan?   Let me just put it this way….if Morgan is for Dustin…. GOLIATH is For DUSTIN…. And for them what wants to smear Dustin with some Bullshit….Go F yourself.  (Yes, those are rude, angry and insolent words from a menancing Giant ….call the police!)