Forecastle 2016: Excuse us, we’re part of the “media”

It’s my favorite time of year for this area, the Kentucky Derby be dammed, Forecastle Festival is where it’s at.

And last night Goliath and I attended the schnazy, swanky, “media kick off party” at La La Land Studios on Lexington Ave. in Louisville.

The event started at 6:00, but who on Earth shows up on time anymore?

6:00 – The Forecastle Media Kickoff Party Has Begun

7:00 PM – It had been a long day of work and I was ready to rub elbows with the media elite, possibly make a few Donald Trump jokes and lose IMG_0668myself for a few hours. Goliath, not being one to wait for anyone, already started his own party at our top secret meeting grounds.

“Hey Matt,” he grumbled on the phone while I was putting in my contacts. “How about you come get me?”

I’m not surprised G wants me to come retrieve him and drive him around like his personal chauffeur, so I agree and go fetch the giant.

7:45 – Goliath has already begun to unwind and I pick him up at a bar we consider our own.

“I’m not gonna park for this guy and go waltz in looking for him,” I say to myself on the way there.

Edwyn Collin’s “A Girl like You,” plays on the ride over. Good stuff.

But me being the lucky bastard I am, find him sipping some poison outside the bar and I just pulled up and he hopped inside. (Did he even pay for his drink I’m now wondering???)

8:00 La La Land is phenomenal


La La Land Studios, Louisville, KY

8:00 – The two of us head toward La La Land recording studios in Louisville. I explain my current (and only time) obsession with the new Pokemon game. Goliath points and waves giving me directions. When we finally arrive he’s too late in pointing the place out and I’m forced to bust a U-turn on Baxter Ave.

8:15 – La La Land Studios is a gorgeous recording studio located right in the heart of Louisville and creation of local musician/producer Kevin Ratterman. The studio has been graced by the likes of My Morning Jacket, Grace Potter and Ray Lamontagne. As soon as we pull in I began to feel out of place in an area bursting with so much creativity. There were maybe 40 or so people around and Goliath and I knew nobody. We were the new kids at school. I’ll tell you this, a media kick off party, whatever that is, was bustling with the hip. The trendsetters. The urban. As I mentioned, I had become intimidated and made Goliath go check in at the media table while I stood outside smoking, desperately hoping to see someone I knew. Didn’t happen.

8:30 – “I’m here with my attorney and we need to pickup our press credentials,”

8:30 – “I’m here with my attorney and we need to pickup our press credentials,” I said at the media check in table. The similarities of HST’s book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and my current situation amused me more than anyone else. 32-year-old me gets a chuckle out of the incident, the 19-year-old me would have fallen over with joy.

Alas, we do receive our “media” wristbands, sign some waivers and receive some free swag for being part of the media elite covering Forecastle Festival. The two of us walk around and give ourselves a tour of this amazing studio. I really can’t stress how beautiful La La Land truly is. Granted, I’ve never recorded a note of music in my life and posses zero musical talent, but La La Land is exactly the type of studio where I imagine beautiful music is being created day in and day out.

If I ever get married, either the wedding or the reception will be held at La La Land.(Buzzzzz)

8:45 – The Colonel Sanders

IMG_06598:45 – After checking in, donning our new “media” bracelets and Goliath ingesting what I imagine is his average dosage of bourbon, we go to the back of the recording studio and begin talking to some some of these strange creatures. We discuss the mid-west, concerts, allergies, this blog and Goliath’s resemblance to the highly regarded Colonel Sanders.

Unfortunately the time had come to return the giant to his lair, but not before Pokemon. As I drove the beast to his resting ground, he held up my phone pointing it around the car as I explain how the game works.

And here we are…

And here we are, a day later and time to cover the Forecastle Festival like it deserves.

Everything else will have to wait.

Matt Chinn (YMC) is a co-editor of and writes about music, art and politics. You can reach him by email at