There is a lot of stuff going on.. but, frankly,  a good deal of it seems boring to old Goliath.  So, Goliath thought he would share some random stuff.  Found comments….Over there in the art world I heard that they use ‘found’ objects to make art pieces.  Well, that’s kinda high for Goliath. But  did think we could share from that idea and give you some ‘found comments’ ..which i can further define as random stuff Goliath heard in passing.

Goliath ride an old bike around a good bit these days. (Goliath HATES ‘recumbent bicyclists’ BTW) Sometimes Goliath just riding along and overhear someone talking…either to another person or often into a telephone.

For example Goliath heard this recently LINK   (” When I got there they were taking money right out of petty cash!”)   This was said by a 40 something, fit, buttoned up business type. Sounds like TROUBLE!!!

Then, Goliath ridin’ along one day and passed a good looking young mother type ‘power walking’ with her athletic suit and an ear bud and phone going and she exclaimed LINK  ( I haven’t even TOUCHED those phones!!)

Goliath in the grocery, running errands for the wimmens,  and he overhears an old old guy walking by mutter with an old man raspy angry voice  LINK   (” So I get it you don’t sell shoe polish “).

Another time Goliath hear a voice in a yard behind some bushes….it was an old lady screeching LINK (“You and your dirty deeds…DIRTY DEEDS” )