Gawd turns deaf ear to Prayers on Gay Marriage

UPDATE: As much as Goliath and Rep. Steve Stemler might like it, (picture of Steve Stemler holding hands with another man and see photo of Goliath below)   All and many knows Gay Marriage is bad bad bad!!! Even though the book called ‘the Bible’  gives a totally unfair and twisted account of the story of David and Me,   it still got some good stuff in it like this here…NO GAY MARRIAGE DAD BLAST IT!!! So even though Goliath and Steve might want to go around holding hands with other Ptom owners and such…You JES CAIN’T DO IT!!!


As all and the many  know very very well…Goliath 100% against Gay Marriage ever since he learn that the great and Mighty Steve Stemler   our mighty State Representative come out agin GAYS Desire to make life long committments of LOVE.   Ever Since Stemmler show Goliath the true and pure light of how we got to OUTLAW anybody what would even THANK of solemnerinizing their relationship if they happened to BOTH have “P-toms” or “Snookies”  instead of the way the HEATHERN GAWDS said what only one (1) Ptom and one Snookie per MArriage!!!  (so very very important)

NOw we got the OUTRAGE of the HEAVENLY BEINGS ABOVE ignoring the fervent Prayer of them what wants this to be a COnstertutional FACT OF LIFE FOR INDIANA FOR ever and ever and ever:

 Rhoton, a retired nurse from Lebanon, said she prayed for legislators to have the wisdom to push forward a ban on same-sex marriage, ultimately putting it to voters on the November ballot. “I believe it’s what God wants,” she said.

McCord, a retired pastor in Indianapolis, said his prayer was for those same lawmakers to have the wisdom to kill the resolution and stop an increasingly divisive fight in Indiana. “We ought not to be passing legislation on how other people ought to live their lives,” he said.  

 Story on ye olde News and Tribune here:

And Mc Cord call hisself a “Man of God” !!! SHAMEFUL!!!   Goliath thank the heathern gawds we got good holy peoples like Erma Thrask and Mrs. Rhoton to pray fervently for an ANTI GAY AMENDMENT. 20140107-195200.jpg