Goliath went and did some interviewing of folks what was hanging around Gonzo fest. Visited the “Imaginarium” and met this really nice gal. I asked her if she had some Acid and she laughed and offered to let Goliath lick her elbow..”that should do ya” she said.

Second half of the Vid is Ron Whitehead reading his Gonzo Hunter Thompson Tribute Poem.


So,  Goliath goes to Gonzo fest, and actually it was kind of a snoozer at 2:30 in the afternoon. So Goliath dusted off and went to get some coffee to counteract the BBC golden ale and anti-histamines he was on (the only drugs Goliath took today).  Then goes and gets an Americano.  Good stuff…but not as good as the Mocha Latte’s he drinks in his mind with Jules while discussing Art and the CCC.  (ha MBHEIGHTS) so, just as Goliath about to get good and settled in a sunny spot here comes this big black guy …”Got some Change?”.  As it happens…No, Goliath not have no dad blasted CHANGE.  So the guy all sulky and goes away. Then here comes TOM (see video below)  Tom is a pure blown nut looking for some beer. But he is friendly enough until Goliath takes his interview for Gawnews. Right in the middle…Tom gets litigious and says Goliath invading his privacy. “Wait…I just asked your permission right?”  Tom says, “yeah.” (rather sheepishly).   I told him he could sue Gawnews for invasion of privacy but Mitch McConnell already done got that all sewed up.  Then another black guy comes up to Tom and asks for a buck.

Tom gets in his pocket and pulls out a ten.  Then he goes looking for a buck. He finds a five dollar bill and gives it to the guy.  The guys says he will pay Tom back.  Next the Guy turns to Goliath and sees Goliath got a pack of smokes on the table. “Can I have a smoke?”  Goliath kinda feel this here taking advantage of Tom so he says. “NO”. (louder than actually needed.  Then Goliath watch as he asks Tom …”Hey, can I have that 10 ?”  Goliath very pleased to see Tom say, ” I can’t do that…you are gonna pay me back right?”  Hurray ! Courage is contagious.

So, then Goliath get the call from the Gaw stringers they are at the Gonzofest so Goliath jump on the Goliath mobile and head to GONZO.  Gonzo very upset to see a COP is now at the festival.   This guy looks like he has a warrant for Goliath or maybe KFetz.  So Goliath immediately get paranoid.  But, Goliath go up and meet the Gaw Staff and discuss HST’s marriage to Sandy with Ron Whitehead.  (here’s a picture of Ron with HST back in the day    Ron  tells how HST had to leave town due to some dalliances with females that weren’t working out too well.  He arranges for Gaw and Dirty Derby to hook up to publish the HST marriage license from Jeffersonville.  Then Gawnews staff goes and hooks up with Dirty Derby …maybe collaboration in store: