Gawnews remembers: The poetry of “ismileutoo” , SAFE WORDS

In May,  2010,  the CCC poster, Ismileutoo ,  who was always many steps above the likes of Goliath, Pesty,  and many, many others who posted there and on Goliathandwimmens,  did Goliath the mighty favor of submitting a poem which Goliath swiftly posted.  Ismile presented it amidst the then vibrant debate about the Chatter’s ‘censoring’ of people and banning of others. Here is Ismile’s poem, “Safe Words” by Request.



“Safe Words”

watts a mattah
wit the chattah
do u meen 2 say?
a simpel werd about a t***
n thay t8k ur werds away?

well heerz the scoop
on werds 4 p***
that u shood use insted
sew all ur posts don’t tern 2 toast
n u get 2 keap ur thred

doo doos fine
n most the time
doody iz ok
say “fecal mattah” at the chatter
n ur werds will probly stay

some werds r safe
some make them chaffe
some werds will b a hit
so chooze safe werds about those t***s
n stay away from s***.



At some point,  ismileutoo  simply dissappeared from the cyber world.  Goliath misses her (or him).