Georgia Judge Inspires

Sometimes people run down the Court system.  Yeah…I know…it’s a creaky old system/process that sometimes churns out bad results and a lot of people don’t believe in it.  But, I see it a different way.  The court system, especially the criminal justice system part of the Court system was supposed to be where crime problems were resolved and justice meted out.

Today, however, the criminal justice system is where most of the problems of society are washed up. It functions as the disposal for all societal issues and problems that our other systems can’t or won’t deal with.So the drug addicted, the dysfunctional family, the mentally ill… the poor, eventually wind up ensnared and we let the criminal justice system use it’s blunt instruments, intended for dealing with the criminally evil, sort it all out.

But, let us show you an example of the kind of care that actually exists in the human hearts that actually run this creaky old system:


The Georgia judge said she didn't know the camera was rolling. By the time she found out, it was too late. She went viral.See her response: courtesy Bibb County Sheriff's Office

Posted by 11Alive on Monday, April 4, 2016