Goliath at a secret Location

Goliath and the Sprout and Sheba El Al are presently in a secretly location.  We is in big big troubles as we is surrounded.  This did not just happens by accident.  We come a long way and fought many and full a battle to get here.  The future is hanging in the balance. There is many secrets to this here….but Goliath will try to report some true facts so that Gaw readers not be too worried.

A.  Goliath seperated from Chickens.

B.  Goliath deprived of Jagermeister.  Making do with Maker Mark whisky

c.  Sprout whipping Goliath at beach poker.

d.  Sheba El al comandeering all dinner menus

e.  Goliath tortured by relentless noise of waves crashing on dirty sandy beach.

f.  No trash cans to rummage through.

g.  Little Haj on the war path.

h.  Leah 47130 front runner in annual Goliath ‘best blog’ contest.

i.  Cindyloohoo issuing ‘corrections’ as is her wont.

j.  The hood is on the run with Pesty and making life misable for Pesty’s night life as wants to keep talking national security policy while Pesty on the make. Big turn off to the wimmens Pesty wants to impress.

k.  K fetz threatening to post another mind blowing and law suit threatening post and Goliath very very nervous about prospects.

l.  YMC on the silent game ever since posting photo depicting oh so beautiful gal and YMC with mooncalf eyes.

m.  HT berating Gawnews as has been site..meanwhile Batblog going down toilet

n. Erma Thrask being censored.


More later