Goliath announces his demand that the JEFF CITY COUNCIL,  the MAYOR and the Dad Blasted Redevelopment BOARD  Get CRACKING and float a BOND issue to finance the development of a 24 MILLION DOLLAR GOLIATH COMPOUND.    PLus,  Goliath would now DEMAND a massive TAX ABATEMENT or GoLIath will Strongly consider Relocating the GOLIATH COMPOUND,  the GAWNEWS BUREAU and the HQ for the International Media Conglomerate known as Goliath and Wimmens  (including GOLIATH FILMS INTERNATIONAL http://goliathfilmsinternational.blogspot.com/ and, of Course, The Goliath “Colisseum Forum” http://goliath-s-colisseum-forum.987000.n3.nabble.com/  and, finally the massive retail outlet,  “Goliath’s Treasures”

(OFFICIAL Goliath’s Treasures’ “CHOPPERGAL MUG” http://www.printfection.com/account/store_section.php?storeid=104426

Goliath feels it is IMPERATIVE to inform the City that a failure to ACT NOW will only cost the City more in the long run. AND GOLIATH DEMANDS A HIGH BAY storage facility for chickens what need room HIGH ROOM to fly and for storage of swag and memorabilia from  the wars with the CCC.  THIS IMPERATIVE!!!

The city contractor agrees. He said, ““If we don’t get approval [today] we’re going to proceed without the high-bay,” said Clinton Deckard, of Construction Solutions LLC and project manager for the new Goliath Compound, at a special meeting held Thursday. “If you want to build it later it’s probably going to cost you $150,000 to $200,000 [more] to add it on.”

Redevelopment Member Lake said ““It doesn’t make any sense to do this project….without the high bay”.

The Police Chief also is “on board” and feels Goliath deserves a new $24 MILLION DOLLAR COmpount. ““Without it, we’re in the same situation we are in this facility,” he said of City Hall. “We just don’t have any place to store our equipment. Goliath always takes care of us …and his chickens. He deserves the help.

Grimm said the police department currently stores equipment and evidence in numerous spots throughout the city, including at River Ridge and at the Goliath Compound. Because the equipment is stored in various locations, it can take the police department more time to get all of its gear to a scene. He said it took JPD an hour to mobilize in response to the Henryville tornado because the equipment the officers needed was spread across the city.

“The main reason why this building is being built is to centralize it in one spot,” Grimm said.

JPD Assistant Chief Greg Sumler said Goliath  will also help with the securing and storage of evidence especially bales of marijuana and recovered gold.

He said if the police take in a vehicle during a homicide investigation, the car gets stored in a warehouse. The security is not at the level the police would like on the buildings and it is susceptible to other elements, like mice except at Goliath’s where chickens keep the mice at bay.

“One breach of that can compromise a whole case like that,” Sumler said. “It’s just not a good place to store this stuff. We need a Giant hand” he said.