Goliath Endorses John Perkins for Commissioner

Goliath see the  big Primary race for Commissioner.  Goliath know many say,  “what?  Goliath endorsing ‘Toxic’ John?   Yes. You bet I do.  Here’s why:

Perkins is being challenged by  Charlestonian, David Abbott.   But,  I can’t figure out why.  Abbott has put out nothing as I can tell that even begins to explain what he offers the Democrat party and frankly…when I look at what little he has put out it doesn’t impress.   (Have you seen the guy’s videos on FB?)

Despite all the complaints I know the “Chatter” has about Perkins,  the fact is he is the smartest person in that race and knows how government works.  Goliath talked, years ago, to Perkins and the topic was what candidates do once they are elected. John commented on how he went to seminars so he would understand how the local and State government structures interacted and actually learned about how things got done.

Perkins ran against Mike Moore the last time he was in a contest for Commissioner.  When we re-run that race,  I wonder if folks think it turned out the right way? After all Moore wound up resigning and going Republican.  While on the Commission, all Moore seemed to accomplish was voting ‘NO’ on things.  Meanwhile, since caucused onto the Commission, Perkins has accomplished things and seems to be doing a good job. Of course, every time he does something,  people come up with conspiracy theories why it’s no good. And Goliath cannot agree or endorse everything. But, taken all in all he is the far superior candidate in this race.

Here’s a video of Mr. Abbott made by his campaign.  When I watch it I see a nice person but not the leader of the County Government.  That”s Goliath’s opinion.