Goliath goes 21st century and shizz

Goliath now has acquired a device.

This device called “ipad”  Goliath not sure. But, one of the wimmens made him get device…not one of the concubines lives at the goliath compound..but instead a wimmens what plan out all Goliath’s routes wandering the alleys and back roads and foot paths in Jeff and Clark County to get the best swags and stuff. This here wimmens tells Goliath to get this “ipad”.  Perhaps improve goliath’s collecting of trash, swag and loot.

SO now Goliath see it got ‘facetime’ and ‘video recording’ etc., on it. Plus many latest computer whiz type applications and what not. So…look forward to Goliath busting it

out even more.  Ha! Take that clarkcountychatter and evening news~  So far as Goliath can tell they ain’t got not ipads over there on ccc. Here it comes~~ get ready for total annihialation.  Even YMC is proud of Goliath for his big new aquisition. This how Goliath got it.  He go to Best Buy in Clarksville with Sprout.  Send her off to pull over some displays of the Samsung tablets and making a HUGE MESS and Distraction also…coached by Goliath she starts a huge CRYING JAG with LOUD SOBS meanwhile got some CHICKEN BLOOD which she squirts all over her self  and the Low week worthless Samsung tablets…so the peples all freak out.

Meanwhile…Goliath over on the store ladder climbing up and grabbing an ipad and stealing away with it out the front door.   IF only Goliath had been thinking he woulda grabbed about 8 or 9!!!

Goliath waited out in the parking lot …. at the appointed time Sprout break away and run for it!!!  Hop in Goliath’s chariot and away we go!!!  Now Sprout all over goliath says she is entitled to play with ipad…(which SHE can actually operate and stuff) since “I am am the one who had to get smothered in CHICKEN BLOOD”   Like that is a reasonable position to take!!!   Anyway. Now Goliath watching “BROADCAST NEWS” for Journalism tips and what not on his ipad (thanks to Sprout showing him how to get the “netflix app”)   Watch out CCC!!!