Goliath on the ANTI-GAY bandwagon GAYS not allowed to read this BLOG!!!

Goliath wants to thank Gvoneor Mike Pence and State Senator Ron Grooms and congratulatiions to them to allow GOLIATH the full scope of his Religious Freedom. As all and many knows very very well, Goliath is a Philistine what worships the great god DAGON!!  Image result for dagon fish god   (Dagon the Philistine God)

DAGON CONDEMNS GAYS!!! They are rotten…no good Gay  people and not welcome in Dagon’s temples.  They is not allowed in the Philistine army and they is not allowed no where.

In keeping with Goliath’s deeply held religious beliefs GAYS IS NOT ALLOWED TO READ THIS BLOG!!!  Violators will be prosecutred to the full extent of Pence’s laws!!!

Thank you PENCE and GROOMS for Protecting Goliath’s freedome to worship DAGON.