Goliath Reflects on the Past

Goliath knows one or two people that spend time in the past.  Goliath enjoys good old stories about the old days …back in the day…just like anybody else.  But,  Greaser (i.e., Charles Gregory Read) once he had few was apt to sound off on mutual friends that liked to revel in the glory days of the past…. the wild times,  the wild wimmens, the wild vine and the all the wild rest.

However,  Goliath knows very very well that you have to keep on turning the pages.  Goliath, fortunately,  has not grown tired  and is still turning pages and so long as able will keep turning them.  Someday,  will shut down this here blog…or leave it to others … and Goliath in a kind of mood to think of or think up a new adventure…. But, Goliath still got the Sprout to raise up.  So for a few years there won’t be nothing tooo radical.

Still,  we all think about the past.  Goliath look at it…and some memories are painful. Painful indeed.  And, turn out…the pain can still keep coming.  But,  Goliath at a place where at least the pain comes from knowingly done deeds. Done for the right reasons.  Goliath a lucky giant….most of the time Goliath has put his hand on the plow and the row turned up and the hammer struck well and true.  But, sometimes…anybody knows…sometimes it don’t always work out. So Goliath has known failure. A good teacher.  But,  figure it this way….would you do it different?   If the answer is  “no” then you are ok.

Unfortunately, Can think back over the years …and there ARE some things would do different.  Yep…and even now Goliath kinder ‘wince’ when he think of these here. And some will never forgive self for.  Nope.  Goliath do believe in a concept…”Atonement” but  one of the things about atonement is you don’t talk about what it is you done or what you done to make up for it.  So …if you are reading this you just gonna have to wonder about that.   Meanwhile…there is some things we do or,  that Goliath done….it hurt and it hurt others.  Yet…these particular things had to be done..or so Goliath sees it.  For these things….even if you wish they hadn’t happened…there’s nothing you can do about now.