Goliath rejects Wall of Fame award

Goliath sees HT done made a ‘wall of flame” for peopel what thinks is high born and noble and deserving of the special recognistons of HT and his foollowwers at

the horrible (but award winning) Batblog.   Goliath REJECTS this award on principles.  Goliath not need no dad blasted recognition of waht also recognizedthe likes of Pesty Flannigan.

Goliath is 3,000 year old. He certainly has many stars, buckles, medals and other manifestations of the great and mighty awe in which his works wondrous to behold is held.

Goliath content with his chickens and his wimmens.  As for the CCC…let them utter the smallest word and WAR


WAR in all it’s mighty horror will commence. Goliath done been very calm and peaceful but threats of war from CCC after all these months of quiet servitude by teh CCC

make Goliath wax wroth.  HE shall smite the CCC and all denizens what come to defend it as he has done so many times before. Hail Grumpy Granny….do not deny how

Gaw has vangqished thee on many and many occassions. Submit the the authority of Goliath!!!!