News UPDATES: Goliath sobbing and gnashing his teeth over loss of Vice Presidency to Pence

Breaking– Jeffersonville November 12


At the Goliath compound,  the word has reached Goliath and his wimmens and the Sprout that tragedy done struck!  Hoosier favorite Mike “Shut it Down” Pence is not Guvnor no more and the promise of Vice Presidency for Goliath has been dashed as Mike steals this prize from Goliath.

Goliath had really figured to be set up nice living in the Blair house sporting around as Vice Presdent and getting accoladedes and charging folks ‘appearance fees’ and the like to ring in on some events and make money hand over fist influencing big decisions and what not in DC.

This was promised to Goliath. By Donald Trump.

And look what has done happened. Goliath had been ignoring the media and what not until roused up by the demise of the CCC and just waiting on the call to head to DC when here he discover Pence has done come in and taken and hogged all the glory what was due Goliath.

All Goliath can say now is that Politics is a bloody nasty game.



Goliath reports that the libertarian party, including Kelley, Russel and other assorted figures have organized a riot in Utica over their loss in the free and unfair elections what was held on Tuesday where more peoples done voted for slobs other than themselves and their libertarian friends. Holding signs that held slogans like

“THIRD PARTY HAS RIGHTS TOO”  and “F*CK THE MAN”  the Libertarians were rioting all along the rivertown mainstreet…knocking over peoples trash cans and recycle bins,  hooping and hollering and generally disturbing the peace.  Russell Brooksbank    gave the finger to some cops as he turned left onto the street and was pulled out of his Ford F150 and some Utica deputy town marshalls was whooping his but and accusing him of resisting their lawful law enforcement actions.

Kelley Curran had a megaphone and was heard broadcasting at Bob Hill’s ‘Hidden Hill”   “Legalize POT NOW”


Item—Teresa Perkins steals election from Dattilo

Item—Tradition of Coots victory in Coroner race is buried

Item—Democrat Party in Clark County admitted to ICU  reported on life support. A priest has been called.

Item— CCC claims it will return to former Glory …on Facebook

Item—Batblog still apparently frontrunner in Annual  “GOLIATH AWARD for Best Local Blog”


2 comments for “News UPDATES: Goliath sobbing and gnashing his teeth over loss of Vice Presidency to Pence

  1. Soithern Belle
    November 13, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    The G should be the next CC D Chaircritter!

  2. Southern Belle
    November 13, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    The G also should consider becoming the Indiana D State Chaircritter. Lots of leadership work awaits the talented and motivated. Say change to the “Big Tent”……

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