Goliath solves Detroit Problem: ALTERNATIVE SENTENCING DETROIT (ASD)

Hood   taunts Goliath. Probly jealous of Goliath’s great vacations and numerous accomplishments in the NEvada desert (squelching a 8000 square mile fire) and breaking the bank at the Harrah’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe.  Hood like to make fun of Goliath’s kindly thoughts to the poor and misfortunate and what nots so he write this here. (Also, in most HORRIBLE way…Goliath now suspects Hood behind surreptitious posting of Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”. )   Hood say in comment:

there then problem solving
Big G-Dude! Uncle Sammy is waaay broke and waay overspending. Clark County, Indiana, guv-mint is busted as well. Chicago is a week away from collapse and their bonds downgraded.

California has 118 cities close to bankruptcy as well as is their state level guv-mint.
“The Golden State” may take down the rest of the county they be sooo overspent and in the tank. The citizens of the USA are overtaxed, overregulated. and over watched (think NSA).

Now, lets start with…. an eAsy pRoBlemo for the gOLiaTH: Save Detroit………

Solution? Heh…heh…heh….  Hood in Comments &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

This here is nasty slight.  The “heh heh heh” is a reference to Goliath’s padrone UB but,  as Uncle Bill would say,  “Hood is a dipshit”   WHAT?  YOu thinks Goliath’s not ready with a smash palace solution?  You is SO wrong Hood.  This here very very simple. First  get all gummit paid for bulldozers in Detroit. The ones that still work.  Draw a radious of about five miles from town center and put your dozers there. Then drive Dozers out about a half mile shoving all the buildings,  ruins, broken crack pipes and busted cars before you. At the half mile limit shovem up into a huge high WALL of RUINATION.  This wall be about 30 feet high or more. It be about 50 feet thick. It be very very impassable to all and many. 

Now, send army of dozers back into town and shove down to rubble ever building what aint lived in or maintained. shove all that rubble out into the Lake. You should wind up with a pier that goes about 3 miles out into the Lake.

Now, you tell everbody what want out…they can get out.  Send down to Texas to build new and mighty wall against Mexicans. Load up the campers, RVs, trailers, pick up trucks and what nots and head to  “the Lone Star State”  YEE HAW~~~!

Now the only ones what left in Detroit is hard core cases, criminals, crack addicts and politicians.  They be quite better off than formerly.

NEXT the crucial phase THREE of Goliath ASD program. Nationwide institute plan for “Alternative Sentence Detroit”.   In this here program life is very very simple. Criminal miscreants what is convicted of serious crimes are offered A. Long prison term in State or Federal Prison  OR  ASD.  A  sentence to live in Detroit for 3/4 the time as the Prison Sentence but there they get NO food, NO medical Care no nothing…they on their own.

OUTCOME:  Thousands of the most savage nasty miscreants will flock to Detroit to live as they wish just….keep it inside the wall of Detroit.  State and Federal Prison will be depopulated resulting in reduced tax burden to the taxpayers.  No more overcrowded prisons.  Plus,  we install Reality Show cameras throughout Detroit and sell rights to the networks …Great ENtertainments to be had.  From the proceeds of the Reality shows and the reduced prison tax burdens….we get the funds to pay back Detroit’s debts.

Problem SOLVED MOFO!!!!!


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