You probably not KNOW that there is  such a thing as the regional traffic planning manager.  That right!  There is actually some person or gang what is in charge of making all and many of the big traffic pattern planning decisions in the Louisville-Southern INdiana roadways. This Sadist  has held this here position for well on 20 – 30 years.   You may well recall that these Valmort like ghoul was the one what made all the big decisions about re-painting the Kennedy bridge.  YOu rememeber!  That’s when we all wound up paying the first painting contractor more than $20 Million ..NOT to paint the bridge.  Then, later, the got around to paying some other jake leg contractor to actually paint the Kennedy…and boy howdy…did it mess up everbodies traffic and especially their lovely commutes to and from Louisville.  Gosh…that was the

good old days.  More recently, as you know,  instead of building the East End bridge these SPECtRE like ogres gave the big go ahead to build 2 BRIDGES at once! Just to show how cool we are.  Plus  add on TOLLS to these already tax paid for bridges.  So for the past few years we all been dealing with all the torture What could dream up to foul up your damn traffic commutes to and fro across the river.   The traffic gods were well pleased and so they give me EVEN MORE POWER  and allowed Meme Sweet Runyon types to order special traffic jobs on SURFACE ROADS and the Traffic-lords, mastefully planned to set up construction projects in all the best spots to really really F*ck up the alternate routes for those of you that was trying to avoid the more conventional routes they had already messed up.

But you patiently waited didn’t you?  You thought…some day…SOME day these bridges will be open and I will THEN….FINALLY be able to drive to and fro across the river to my appointed destination. BUt the Traffic Hitlers got em a NEW plan…just when you thought it was about to get better …let me show you what they done gone and did for you!!!

HA HA HA….now, while it’s true that you can cross the bridge… they just moved the traffic jam further down the road….. YOu come whizzing across the bridge alright….but only to run into this….traffic1.for which there is no relief in sight!!! Ha ha ha! You morons are PAYING ME FOR THIS!