Goliath Updates

>Goliath very very sorry to be silent so long.  Well,  we had a shakedown cruise of our own, not unlike what YMC reported on CNN’s big story.  The ship suddenly fizzled and the nefarious hacker took out Gawnews for a while. YMC been doing a great job putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  But, it has been slow going.

Worse, for Gawnews,  the breakdown comes at a time win GSL has been up to his eyebrows in stuff.  It turns out there was huge 50 million dollar diamond heist in Antwerp
and it is quickly followed by a three million dollar heist in Paris. http://www.leparisien.fr/paris-75/paris-un-joailler-du-printemps-haussmann-victime-d-un-braquage-19-02-2013-2581139.php  Thus, GSL been very very busy giving legal advice to the culprits who are kind of like an Oceans Eleven/Wild Bunch team what needs The GSL advice very very badly.  GSL also contacted by interpol whom GSL advised that the Antwerp job was an inside job. After all, who knew that there would be 50 mill on that plane at that particular time?  Interpol very impressed with GSL’s savvy insights but, Goliath really mad because he was not cut in on the swag.

Over in Venezeula,  good old Hugo Chavez comes shining back with his daughters in tow.   Heads will be rolling, similar to the blood bath going on in Jeff City Hall between Vicki Conlin and Ken Pierce. Oy Vey!    Goliath not asked by either party for his advice on this here idiotic battle, but,  one thing Goliath learn many many centuries ago…one thing about a pissing contest….even if you win it you wind up covered with piss.

Now, as it happens, Goliath has a special op what has been given him by the Hood what is a mission what must be accomplished with utmost secrecy and utmost stealth. Thus, Goliath will be pretty much radio silent for the next week or two.  Good luck Heatherns!