Goliath’s plan for the Democratic Party

Well the all and the many now see the visions of Goliath has been right on the money.  Now we GOTS to see how to dig the Dems out of the hole they had done dug for themselves.  Goliath has the playbook.  If only the Dems would follow it they would return to all the POWER AND GLORY what comes from being the LORDS of Clark County!!!!

What this Goliath hear about ‘getting YOUNG peoples” involved?  PSSHAW!  Goliath hacks phlem from the depths of his previously severed throat and spits it mightily at this idear.  Since when did YONG Peoples show themselves good for anything except wearing the approved canderdates tee shirts and standing around at poll places waving signs?  That the proper role for the youngsters!    Make sure they is treated like Chillern at aLL political functions and calmly stamp on their dreams.   (they is so unreal).  You can horse around on Facebook and even on Twitter a little bit. POst selfies of you and your fellow middle age an older friends patting each other on the back at countless pancake breakfasts,  church fish frys and coon suppers etc. where you see the same fifty people that attends suc events. POst those selfies on Facebook.. That’s all the cool we need.  Meanwhile….make sure the youngsters is kept away from the bars or gatherings where stuff really gets done.

An about those events…when we gets todgether…lets keep on rehashing the glories of the past.  How we kicked ass back in 98~  that keeps those memories alive and refreshes our hopes of what is possible today. Also…keep drinking. That helps the clarity of the mind.

Next, Goliath thinks we double down on conservativsm. This here is CLARK COUNTY not some damn dumbass NEW ENGLAND LIBERAL LAND>  …. IF you thought Republicans was conservative…well check out US.  FIrst  NO MINORITIES in leadership positions!!!  ONE or TWO token Negros and maybe a Hickspanic or two in lower level roles is all that’s needed.  Let’s join Georgia and Alabama in our mentality. (Goliath, as a philistine…is a person of color…but clearly knows the party in Clark County needs to stay WHITE and also MALE).    SO somebody has to STOMP ON the Democratic Wimmens Club.  They don’t hardly deserve to VOTE.  Goliath is sick to his STOMACH when he look and see how many WIMMENS we got running things.  DID you not NOTICE that the Republicans that just KICKED OUR ASS was ALL WHITE AND ALL MALE?   WAKE UP!

ON issues the Dems need to start STOMPING on ANTI GAY movements.  Notice that BOTH Stemler and Grooms who came out ANTI GAY won big!!!!  Get on the ANTI GAY BANDWAGON with GOliath you local DEMS!!!

DOWN with Wimmens rights (see above)

DOWN with Minority rights (see above)

We can do HATE better than the REPUBS.  HEll …just take a LOOK at the Jeff CITY COURT FIGHT!!!  THere is more HATE GOING ON than  any other political issue in the COUNTY.  We can use that energy!!!   Let’s be the party of HATE!!!!

Golaith also thinks SSOMEBODY has to start Moving to put the GAWDS back into Government.  Goliath HIGHLY recommend we get some issues going to make the REPUBS look bad.  On SChool Boards…DEM leaders need to Introduce motions to throw out all EVOLUTION and make the education about CREATIONISM.

On Town Councils…ordinances introduced to ILLEGALLIZE any MUSLIM, HINDU or BUDDHIST CHURCHS.  EVEN JEWS Cant’ worship in Clark County!  Goliath realize that there really aint’ no Pagans in Clark County…but the Republicans will be baited into opposing such ordinances so the towns don’t get sued.  WE CAN HANG THAT AROUND there neck those DAMN ANTI-CHRISTION Republicans!!!

ALso, Local DEMS move to introduce resolutions calling for the immediate DEPORTATION of PResident OBAMA to KENYA.  Lets see the REpubs oppose that one!

ANother measure needed….DEMS move to Order Clark Memorial Hospital to WITHHOLD ALL medical care for Wimmens what have chosen to have abortions. We can’t take a chance of furthering the medical treatments for these baby killers and Democrats should be leading on this front.

Bring back  the OLD guys from the 90’s.  Them guys knew how to run things.  Did the REpubs just build a 12 MILLION DOLLAR POLICE STATION?  Then the Dems need to 24 MILLION DOLLAR JAIL.  THe one we got ain’t big enough for all the damn scums we need to lock up.  START LOCKING UP HOMELESS and PEOPLE that DON”T ADOPT STRAY DOGS.  RIGHT NOW!!!