Gonzofest 2016: A Growing Festival to Honor Hunter Thompson

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The Rum Diary Cover

To many, Hunter Thompson seemed like the drug-laden, writer who wrote a book who turned a book about drugs into a film about the ’60’s, Las Vegas and an unimaginable adventure.

But to those who look past the drugs and wild adventures would discover an talented political and sports writer who’s life ended far too soon. What would Hunter Thompson have to say about Sarah Palin, Edward Snowden and current state of our American culture?

One this is for sure, there could be only one Hunter S. Thompson, and he’s Louisville’s anti-hero.

And now there’s been enough interest Gonzofest that long gone are the days when it was once a small get-together on Barrett Ave. It has now become a full fledged event with growth like that of Forecastle Festival.

IMG_0084This year’s Gonzofest included local artists and vendors, media coverage, a music lineup that takes place at the same location as WFPK’s Waterfront Wednesday.

It was a great festival, to honor a great writer.

The freaks and geeks that once frequented a small get together to honor a man were in attendance this year, but so where those who who saw past lunacy and truly saw something that the city of Louisville should honor more; an amazing writer who shaped journalism forever.


Look out for out upcoming interview with Gonzofest headlining artist Fly Golden Eagle.


Here’s some photos from the event.

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