GSL is back.

Jeffersonville-  March 6,  The halls of the Courthouse were returned to normalcy as the GSL (Goliath’s shyster lawyer) returned to normal everyday activities.  No one seemed to know where he had been hiding or been hidden, but whispers suggested that he had been on a futile mission to obtain a touch of justice. Instead, like his client Goliath 3,000 years earlier, he got his head cut off.

Still, the GSL reminded himself of how much worse things COULD be as he pondered the news of  a murder over the last weekend.  He realized that, yes, things could be so very much worse.  His troubles did not seem so bad.

Meanwhile,  a cold March day laid on a blast-dusting of what may be the last snow of the year.  GSL watches and waits for the Big 4 bridge to be opened.  It seems that events are quickening and Something is coming …something big.

YMC still hasn’t got the GAWnews back up to par. (No chatbox, No link to GCF, etc.,)   The Hood and the voices of the Pack that hunts in his head seem to have taken over the Comments section of Gawnews.  It looks like GSL is due for a trip to the Quad Cafe. (Havent’ been there yet but apparently this is where all the would be powerbrokers are trying out.)  GSL also sees newly elected officers for the local DEM and GOP central committees.  We are concerned about one of those ‘elected officials’.  Not a good CHOICE.  That party will someday regret this election.

Over at the prosecutor’s office, they got so many murder cases …after what seemed like a little bit of a ‘recess’ or timeout from killings one has to wonder how they are going to handle the caseload.  Word is that the BOSS has been trying to wait to replace the last deputy he lost until a fellow finishes school and passes the bar…can they wait that long?   Not only do they have the charged murders ….but they have at least TWO cases that need to be solved. First the killing of former outlaw enforcer  then the murder that happened last weekend of Christopher Malone This young fellow was shot fourteen times and dumped behind a funeral limousine service. (I suppose that was the killer(s) idea of ‘wit’).  Nine will get you ten Malone was killed in Jeffersonville and the fore-thinking killer(s) dumped the body in Kentucky to arrange certain ‘jurisdictional’ issues to mess up the investigation and even possibly the eventual prosecutions. Goliath is betting that one won’t get solved and Goliath hearing that police ain’t really got anywhere to go on the Billy Ray Chambers case either. I suppose that’s ‘professional’ work.