GUILTY!!!!! Antonio Walker found guilty of Murder of Paris Hamilton: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with ERICA HAMILTON

” What hurt me the most is hearing how he was shot for no reason and how the bullets went through his body.  It was hard to hear them say that he wanted his momma and that “it hurts”.  I feel like i felt every shot that went through him and to see the pictures…I don’t know”. – Erica Hamilton April 16, 2014 on attending the trial of Antoine Walker.

News posted on Facebook by his sister Erin. ( Picture Paris, Center, Erica (sister) Right above)

UPDATE:  Gawnews exclusive interview with Erica Hamilton. Erica is Paris’ sister.  She has faithfully and loyally appeared at every pretrial hearing or proceeding in Antoine Walker’s case (as have others) to make sure that Paris was not forgotten in the daunting process of criminal litigation.  Gawnews did an interview with her about her experiences.

Gawnews: How did you get the news that day when it happened?

Erica: His wife called me while i was at work.  I was the first person to be called.

Gawnews What were you told had happened?

Erica: She called me and said Paris got shot and i think he is dead.

Gawnews: That must have been devastating, what did you do?

Erica: I ran out of work. Jumped in my car and drove as fast as i could to French Quarter (Apartments)  (This is the site of the murder scene.)

Gawnews: Next question is when and where did you see Antonio Walker for the first time…what were you thinking…?

Erica:  The first time I saw him was at the court house…November 14. (the date of Walker’s first preliminary hearing in Court). I was thinking “I’m.gonna do something to him”  but when i saw him all I could do is scream.

Gawnews: Did he ever look at you or speak to you?

Erica:  He glanced over when I said something to him. I said  ” you burn in hell” That’s the only time he ever looked at me.”

Gawnews: Did Paris know Walker before that day?

Erica:  No I don’t think so. He knew Mel …. he was the cause of this

(Note: Mel was a witness to the killing and gave a statement to the police. However, he left the area and was not available for either the State or the Defense as a witness at the trial.)

Gawnews:  I know I saw you at the Courthouse many times in the pre-trial proceedings…what was that experience like…to be a family member of the victim following a case?

Erica:  It was hard. I felt like they where playing with me and my family’s emotions.  I just wanted it to to be over so my family could grieve. It was like it happened all over again.

They took forever.  I felt like they forgot about him (in) the news media.

Gawnews:  That must be difficult.

Erica: Yes it is.

Gawnews: Were there people who you felt cared about you and Paris’s family? What did they do?

Erica:  I can’t even say anyone.

Gawnews: What advise would you give to people who find themselves in your position as far as working with the police and prosecutor and courts?

Erica: Stay on the court… look up things. Think.  Ask about everything. You can never ask enough questions … stay on top of it. Do your own investigation. Find out who people are.

I looked at other cases my brother had and it all makes sense now. Like the case in Gardenside.. I knew it had something to do with this case. Remember when a guy was robbed and stabbed and he said Paris did it?  It all goes with this case.  That’s what him and Mel where arguing about …  him getting him kicked out his apartment.

Gawnews: What are you looking forward to Erica?

Erica: Justice. I want him to get the max.

Paris had a good heart. He didn’t like bullies and he always had a smile on his face no matter what. If you had a problem,  he would always listen and give you the best advice.

Gawnews: Ok. Thanks Erica for sharing your story