Goliath announces the big news that Lord Meridian, Mike Pence635570053369672256--03election110414.jpg20141104(His royal majesty. Photo courtesy of INDY STAR. Note, Mike Hutt on scene in the background of this photo….NSHBM is EVERYwhere)  revealed his plans for commencing a news outlet run by the Indiana Gummit.  When we last checked in, his Highness was flouting the federal aid to sustain hoosier peasants desire for healthcare claiming gummmit had no bidness in the healthcare bidness.

It is refreshing to see that he is more broadminded about Gummit gettin in the NEWS BIDNESS.  Go your majesty!

Here the big INDY STAR news.   Goliath just on the verge of issuing the 2014 “Best local Blog” award for the second time to Hoosiertaxpayer for the livelyied up “Batblog” now re-christened “The Jeffersonville Clark County Blog”  (to make it more high tone and what not ….however at GAWNEWS we still prefer to old moniker…plain old “Batblog”)  The Batblog got all hard hitting on stuff to pick up the slack left when Gawnews stringers got the late fall and early winter fan tods and stopped contributing and Goliath was hog tied because the GSL was involved in many of the controversies that otherwise would have been fodder for the Gaw.  Good on ya HT!The Jeffersonville, Clark Co. Blog (TheBatBlog

But Goliath must reconsider and take a look at what his majesty, Lord Meridian Mike Pence will unveil in the way of a blog.  It’s sure to be thrilling dad blasted stuff!  This is so much reminding Goliath of back in the day…almost a hunnerd year ago when good old Joe Goebbels and Adolf got their hands on some ‘media outlets’.  That State run news is some good old stuff!  Goliath sure to be sending in his application for big writer on this here.  Goliath know how to ‘toe the line’ and put out the “party line” for the good Duke, his royal highness, Lord Meridian Mike Pence.  Goliath also recommend Lord Meridian look at bringing in some CCC veterans to ‘moderate’ the ‘comments’ section on the stories what is published.  Them fellars and knows how to smack down the ne’er do wells that troll and stir the fecal material.