Homophobia? Or just good solid Police work?

A thread on the CCC , ostensibly about the Sheriff’s race, http://clarkcountychatter.com/index.php?/topic/6774-meeting-the-2014-sheriff-contenders/page__st__20#entry117554   has gotten sidetracked into a discussion of whether or not the “Sting Operation” of the Department of Natural Resources is homophobic or not.  But before we go there….let Goliath tell a tale….

The great Hon. C. Gregory Read  related to Goliath one day about his many adventures in the law.  One day the topic was notable criminal capers he had become acquainted with.  He once represented a man who was arrested because he was ‘impersonating a law enforcement officer”.  The guy had just been nabbed because he had a uniform on …they didn’t really have anything on him and the guy had been set free. But, Greg had enquired,  “what was going on?”  This was back in the late 70’s or early ’80s.

The culprit, “John” (we will call him)  explained that he was with a team of con artists. He played the role of ‘police officer’.  This team actually had rented a commercial building which they had tricked up to look ‘official’ in the front. Inside, they had made it look like a police station. (this was in clarksville).   The game was to extort money from gay men. It was easy money.  Here is how it worked:

Gay men who were older and established and closeted faced a different world in the 70’s and 80’s.  At that time, even though Gay Lib was taking off in places like Greenwich village or San Francisco,  in the Mid-west Gay lifestyle was still very much on the low down.  Older men who were married and had careers and reputations at stake and who happened to be gay were living very discreetly.  Then, as now, certain wooded areas like the Falls of the Ohio were known as ‘pick up’ places  for furtive clandestine meetings and the anonymity of the encounters drew many of these men who were living hellish ‘double’ lives.   The con ‘team’ would identify such many…and in particular… such men as had money.  They would lure such a target into a compromising position and then John, our phoney cop, would  ‘bust them’.   The victim would be ‘arrested’ and taken to the ‘police station’ and there, during ‘book in’ it would be explained that ….well…he had a choice….we can go ahead and fill out all these reports and prosecute you…..OR you can pay a fine.   Needless to say,  the targets all choked up large amounts of money to avoid the social embarassment and personal damage that would happen if they were ‘outed’.   Our con artist team made tons of money.

Fast forward to today,   Goliath doesn’t know of any working teams like Dr. Read described operating now.  (Goliath believes he WOULD know).  But all the ACTION is now been shifted over to the DNR.  Essentially, the DNR is running the same game….absent the extortion.  Nowadays, the ‘targets’ not only get arrested, they also get the public shaming AND pay (fines, costs and attorney fees etc.,)  So…for them it’s perhaps worse than it was….at least when they were dealing with criminals,  they didn’t have their LIVES RUINED.

But…. Erma Thrask says, “Those are PUBLIC parks and what if I was to be on a Sunday picnic with my children and stumbled onto two men engaged in an act of unspeakable depravity?  I shouldn’t have to worry about that Mr. Goliath!”   Well, I guess Erma is right about that…..except for the fact that Goliath is not aware of a SINGLE episode of this actually happening either in present times or back in the good old days when con artists were patrolling the Falls of the Ohio.  In fact,  looking at the actual DNR reports of the encounters,  they are always referencing the targets concern to retire to a place where ‘there’s nobody around’….and then oddly enough…its the DNR agent who suggests the ‘depraved act’.   Goliath’s GSL told of an actual trial ONCE because the target was a middle school teacher who simply could NOT plead guilty.  It turned out that the DNR officer was dressed in a checked flannel shirt and cut-off ‘hot pants’ jeans and lumber jack boots.  Of course he hated playing the role of a flaming homo. (according to his testimony).

As for Goliath’s view?  Goliath of course got on the ANTI HOMO bandwagon months ago when it became politically expedient. (Thanks to the courageous leadership of Steve Stemler) So, of course…in his view old ERMA is right as rain….After all …we have to protect THE CHILDREN.

UPDATE: THis is WHY Homosexuality is so UNACCEPTABLE!!!!