Hoosier History: The Life of John Dillinger

GAWNEWS STRINGERS on the the SCENE of JD’s escape: Pesty interviews mechanic taken hostage

Another good Indiana Boy involved,  Harry Pierpont:

From Wikipedia article on Harry Pierpont,Harry Pierpont.jpg  Dillinger’s #1

Pierpont-Bridgewater-Northern gang, 1924-1925[edit]

By November 1924, Pierpont was living in Kokomo, Indiana staying at a boarding house run by Pearl Elliott. He continued to associate with a group of Jeffersonville ex-cons.

UPDATE:  HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF: HERE IS MODERN ACTIVITY AT THE BOARDING HOUSE IN KOKOMO captured by the GOOGLE Camera: Check out the activity inside the old boarding house….under the door marked “OFFICE”  (WARNING: ADULT IMAGE)https://maps.google.com/maps?q=807+North+washington+Street+Kokomo+INdiana&ie=UTF-8&ei=MArFUo_PNOWSyAHbjoDACw&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAg


Pierpont was implicated as the ringleader of the gang who struck several Indiana banks. Newspaper reports indicated there were seven members in all, and all identified Pierpont as their leader.[17]

Most members of the gang were arrested and convicted before Pierpont was arrested in Detroit in the spring. Mrs. Everett Bridgewater was arrested at her home in Indianapolis and sentenced to two to fourteen years; James Robbins arrested at Lebanon, Indiana; Marion “Red” Smith arrested at Indianapolis; George Frazer arrested at Marion; and Robert Morse arrested at Indianapolis were all given sentences of between ten and twenty years; and Mrs. Emily Morse pled guilty and was given a sentence from two to fourteen years.[18] The round up of these bandits was reported as one of the biggest roundups of any gang of robbers in the state.[19]

UPDATE: No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength (no plan survives contact with the enemy).[70] and Strategy is a system of expedients.[70]


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Was Dillinger a Dope?  Not likely he used this guys revolutionary bank robbing tacticsHerman lamm mugshot.jpghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herman_Lamm