HT Speaks …. The Real Story

HT has nothing to hide, this the whole truth that lead to my being banned from the Clark County Chatter. Make up your own minds whether it was deserved or not, it really doesn’t matter.

Most people that follow the CCC know that the Big Q (Quasar) and I have a history going way back. We are on opposite ends of the political spectrum and our views have clashed big time since day one…That being said Q has taken it to a personal level that led to my being banned…No big deal it is a private forum….(though he would like you to think otherwise) and he can pick and choose who are members and who aren’t.

When the Big Q took over as administrator after I had already been offered the position by GG, I knew my time there was probably limited. Over the years I had called him out on numerous times on vile , disgusting, disturbing posts he made and you could tell he was bitter towards me, beyond just political differences. Which again is fine if that’s the way you’re made up and roll…

Recently for what ever reason the Big Q has become even more personal sending me and Track Rat a PM saying how he knew we hated him over some post that I don’t even remember, which I responded ” I hate no one,  I don’t even know who you are.” I have no idea and don’t really care who he is, my gosh this is just an internet forum where anonymity is optional, I take nothing personal nor give out anything personal…

I had over time received several warnings, 90% of which was responding to NHBSM’s bull shit and I always felt I was singled out on a different standard than others as far as responding directly to the poster instead of the subject of the topic. On forums like these it is only natural most of the time to direct your comments directly to the other poster, and it’s done all the time but I felt since Quasar took over  I was on a different leash then everyone else..

The last week or so the personal stuff escalated to another level and I felt a little bit baited by the Big Q.. Someone posted a thread about the “wienermobile”, I assume it’s the Oscar Meyer promotional vehicle that is shaped like a hotdog that someone saw around town….I didn’t even post in the thread, until I saw where Quasar posted first (which I thought was a good natured jibe) “I thinks that’s what HT drives” and I gave  good natured  reply ” Yeah that’s mine, Quasar likes to ride around town with me in it….Quasar’s the ugly one with the Rush Limbaugh T-shirt on” Well that got me a scathing PM, calling me names, saying the next time I broke the rules I was gone blah, blah, blah… Then he cowardly deleted his post which had set the whole exchange off..

Finally the post that got me banned was at when I responded to  posts where I was accused of being “insensitive” and spewing ” hate”… If you read the whole thread… in my post about George Zimmerman….I responded and it was directed at no one… “Sorry about the “hate” monger and “insensitive” post I apologize George
In the future I will refer to my copy of Pesty Flannigan’s Posting on the CCC for Dummies so that my posts won’t be insensitive and appropriate for CCC audiences”….. That was it,  that post was was deleted and I was suspended and later banned for that comment which was aimed at no one directly just me being sarcastic…tell me how is that attacking a member I responded to an attack on me and directed it at no one,,,

I have been warned and rightfully so at times,  but the biggest majority came after the Big Q took over and came from him directly and he took every opportunity to call me a “cyber bully’ and “troll” in front of the online community…I am opinionated, sarcastic to a fault and probably taken the wrong way at times, I have never personally called anyone a name the Big Q included, used profanity other than an occasional shit, hell or damn. Yes I did take offense at some of the personal things posted by NHBSM about the Mayor and some of the hate directed at our president and responded accordingly and that’s what got me into a lot of the trouble…I always felt like I was being targeted because of my history with the Big Q…

I met a lot of cyber friends through the Chatter that I cherish their friendship…GrumpyGranny  though I know I caused her to pull her hair out at times I consider a dear friend, Jules, Kelley, Tina , Pesty, IntegrityMatters, Ironhorse, Donna, TrackRat, Snowman ,Cindiloohoo, Riverfox, Overit, Bikerdude, JHS1982 (Rod Daily), Chopperwoman I consider you all good friends as well… many of whom ,we have had our differences about how we feel about things, mostly politics, but I still consider you good  friends and hope you feel the same…

Quasar likes to portray me as a bully/troll and if that is how other perceive me I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone…that was not not my intent …I am a semi -retired grandfather and father of two wonderful successful children and have been married over 30 years to a great gal….I was fairly new to this internet world  of forums and blogging when I  first started about 5 years ago the Chatter , this was and still is the  the only forum I have ever participated in, and it was mostly fun…I never took it too seriously my intentions with the blog and the Chatter was too have fun, maybe I took the sarcasm too far at times but I meant  nothing personal in the process….Heck me and Tina who is probably as polar opposite as anyone from me politically often exchange PM’s in a very friendly manner and we respect each others opinion totally.

In closing (sorry about the length) I just want to say their are no hard feelings , I just want to let people know I’m not the cad, cyber bully Quasar likes to portray me as, I haven’t threatened anyone like he claimed, I just wanted my side and the truth explained. I’ll be around I might start a little more blogging ….Good Luck to everyone and Best Christmas wishes….



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