HT Update

ms_mandela_main_20120328164318663874-420x0 Apparently the royal Pujah the Big Q  of the CCC has no sense of humor and after Friday’s entry on GAW  has rescinded HT’s possibility of parole and sentenced HT  to the death sentence …As most small men with a Napoleon and Barney Fife complexes, he likes to wield his new found power in order to increase  his delusions of self importance …he should be aware that he was a desperate last choice to his position that was offered to HT much earlier. HT will not be silenced… knowing he was a political target and in the Pujah’s cross hairs,  HT has created several other accounts within the CCC and will continue posting when needed, occasionally   incognito ….Guess Who ????

The “Free HT ” campaign will continue as the voice of freedom will not be silenced…There is a possibility also of the return of the “award winning” BatBlog to further the cause…To all the Chatter Chicks HT is well and in your thoughts….keep your chins up



A riderless horse being led down Court Ave. in tribute