Jeff Prostitution Ring Case UPDATE

Today,  Ivan Deleon and Jeanna Kaufman appeared in Judge Dan Moore’s Circuit Courtroom in Jeffersonville with their lawyers, Bart Batteau and Eric Weitzel for a hearing on their motions to dismiss certain of the charges against the couple relating to promoting prostitution.  Detective Bobby McGee testified for the Clark County Prosecutor’s office represented by Linda Lamping, DPA.

McGee testified that he had confidential informants who went to the 1501 Club and pay for such things as ‘four hand shower massages’.  The money was paid to the the club and then ‘tips’ were paid to the girls for ‘services’ above and beyond the hygenic application of soap and water.   It was contended that defendant’s Deleon and Kaufman ‘knew all about it’ because, after all, “they got the money” (for the service) and there were sex acts going on ‘all over the place’. Wooo!

The defense’s strategy emerged that the subtext of the motions was that if the State won’t produce the names of the ‘johns’  then these defendants can’t ‘investigate’ enough to learn if  sex acts ACTUALLY occurred.  The State says they got enough with just the confidential informants and the subsequent “undercover cops” from the ISP.  (That must have been an awesome assignment…but how do you explain that shizz to your wife? “Honey, It’s been a tough day…I been down there in Jeffersonville having undercover sex with these hot Jeffersonville prostitutes…”Ruckel, Marisa wb.jpg )

More to the point, the defense want to know when, where, why and WHO had sex acts…so they can try and show their “ALIBI” .  (  Ivan, “I didn’t know that state cop was having sex with Mitzi!!! I was at Sizzler that day!”).

One thing must be said,  when you take a look at old Ivan and his wife they don’t live up to your idea of pimps and madams. Ivan’s got a big old kinda fat bald head. He looks more like a wrassler than a pimp.Ivan Deleon His wife got her hair all squirreled up in a ‘puffed out’ hair do like you might see on ‘the View” and she has these little kinda beady eyes.   I guess it takes all kinds.


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