Jeff Prostitution Ring: That Ring is Echoing

Of course you all remember this here: (Especially the ‘client list of 400 names’) Ivan Deleon

You KNOW GaWnews has been covering this here saga.

Is it JUST Goliath…or is there anyone out there in Gawnews readership that thinks it kinda hypocritical to charge these wimmens but never a thought to charging the men that   provided ‘a market’ for their services?  I dunno.

Gawnews first interested in whether the gals charged with prostitution would get more less or the same as the owners…you know…the organized criminals.

Mr. and Mrs. Deleon  just couldn’t seem to keep out of the news.  Back in Mid July, 2013  the couple were featured in this report:   “A couple busted in southern Indiana on prostitution charges opened a business in Louisville just a few months after they were arrested in Jeffersonville.”   The ‘business’ was called “Kind Hearted Care” and resulted in a couple of prostitution arrests.

Despite the fact that IVan and Mrs. DeLeon were featured so prominently in the media in JULY….the Clark County Prosecutor’s office went ahead and gave them a ‘sweetheart’ deal of  a suspended sentence in August 12 of 2013.  (Yeah, a month after the latest news from Louisville).

Well,  Ivan and his wife couldn’t take their good deal and ‘go forth and sin no more’ they simply ‘pushed the envelope’ and moved on to ‘trafficking in UNDERAGE’ girls. For which they now done been arrested:  THIS WEEK.

Yeah. I said THIS WEEK.

As the Clark County case had progressed…or should I say…NOT progressed…the deal got dumped on Linda Lamping. Clark County Deputy prosecutor.  She said:

WDRB News found out that Lamping dismissed most of the case, giving Deleon a four-year suspended sentence, with no time behind bars.  His wife received diversion, meaning her record would be erased if she stayed clean for a year.

When asked whether she dropped the ball by not seeing what the two were up to before signing off on the deal, Lamping responded, “Absolutely not.  We don’t have any balls to drop in someone else’s jurisdiction.”

But records show the deal was signed in Clark County just last month — at the same time the couple was allegedly selling teens for sex in Louisville.

When told it looked as if she was taking no accountability that the deal put them back on the streets, Lamping replied, “Absolutely. I take no accountability for that.”  She added, “Knowing that these new things have come out, in my mind all agreements are off.”

LMPD says it’s now in contact with the girls’ parents, and that there may be a third 17-year-old victim.

Ain’t it funny how this case started out with the CHIEF DEPUTY prosecutor on it…Back in 2012 Jeremy Mull said: ” “It was a very busy location. The volume was high and it’s a benefit to the community that the place was shut down,” Jeremy Mull with the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office said in 2012.  ”   But Mr. Mull  wasn’t asked about the recent arrests…or deal.    He was ON TOP OF IT …when the case began back in August of 2011.  “The women were arrested Aug. 3 after an investigation at My Studio 1501 along North Shore Drive in Jeffersonville. The owners of the business, Ivan Deleon, 36, and his wife, Jeana Kaufman, 37, of Floyds Knobs, likely will face charges for promoting prostitution, according to police. Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull said they are still investigating.”

But at Gawnews we done see how this here wimmens what was also ‘A BOSS’ Ms. Jeana Kaufman…hell, she winded up with a dad blasted DIVERSION agreement for her alleged organized criminal activity. That means not even CONVICTED…the Prosecutor agreed to DISMISS her charges.  Lets look and see what happened to the wimmens that was originally arrested.

Here they are:
You may recall that Marisa D. Ruckel, 20,Ruckel, Marisa wb.jpg of Jeffersontown, Ky.; Kristen A. Nakayama, 19,Nakayama, Kristen wb.jpg of New Albany; Donna F. Liani, 32, Liani, Donna wb.jpgof Westport, Ky.; and Amanda L. Driskell, 22, Driskell, Amanda wb.jpgand Abigail E. Perry, 21,Perry, Abigail wb.jpg of Louisville,

GAWNEWS reported on this story back in March:


Gawnews next edition will provide the details of their case endings. Wonder if those gals got DIVERSION?????? Like Ms. KAUFMAN?