Jeremy Mull Goes All 21st Century with Campaign Website

That’s the link for Jeremy’s campaign website.  Back in 2008,  one of his friends did a blog article on Jeremy:

Goliath likes Jeremy. We just wish he would go back to that bad ass Eyepatch  Here is how Jeremy looks more recently:  This guy will kick your ass with some wolf like martial arts and also whip out some Arabic on you and confuse and bedazzle your mind.

Here at Gawnews we support Bob Bottorff for the spot though.   He looks cool on that horse.

This bidness of being a prosecutor, pretty serious. The good news is that most of the time a prosecutor ain’t got all that much to worry about…just the regular old drunks and drug heads and wife beaters and what not.  The cases ain’t that tough and the public usually pretty ok with your office.  I get to be the good guy…the one who is putting away the bad guy.