Goliath learn that last night a jury found Juanita Fisher NOT GUILTY of all charges.

The trial concluded with the case being given to the jury for deliberations. The trial lasted over a week.  GAWnews reported that the defense was able to demonstrate that the alleged victims had made contradictory statements and even told friends that the claims were ‘lies’.   The prosecution had countered with evidence from psychological experts who testified that it was not uncommon for victims to offer incomplete and contradictory information due to age and the trauma of victimhood.

Joshua Cox had comment on his Facebook Page: ”

Alll you b8888s who thought my wife waz guilty f#$% youu nottttt guilty on all 6 counts b8888s

Gary Popp, of the NT (click hypertext to see full story) reported as follows:

“According to the girl’s testimony, her ex-boyfriend told her that he had mentioned the alleged sexual abuse to her and also that he told her after the two had broken up that the allegations he made against Fisher were not true.

A series of conversations between the ex-girlfriend and the alleged female victim that occurred through Facebook in 2011 and 2012 were also presented to the court.

According to the testimony, the alleged female victim wrote in 2012, “What [my brother] said about [Fisher] ain’t true. If they find out what he said isn’t true, he’s going to jail.”

At the end of her testimony, the ex-girlfriend was asked what she thought of Fisher.

“I don’t see her as a bad person,” the girl said.

The ex-girlfriend’s mother also was called in as a witness and was asked about the reputation the boy had in Charlestown.

“He had a habit of telling stories,” the girl’s mother said.

But she added that she told police, and reiterated during Tuesday’s testimony, that she believed Fisher was jealous of the relationship her daughter had with the alleged male victim.

“It seems like something strange is going on with the family, but I don’t know what,” the ex-girlfriend’s mom said.”

That kind of evidence is hard to overcome if there is no PHYSICAL evidence to corroborate the allegations.

Ms. Fisher had previously signed a plea agreement that would have called for a ten year sentence …that translates into 5 years of actual time.  She later claimed her PD attorney ‘made her sign it’.  She backed out of the ‘deal’ and took her chances at trial. So, a happy ending for Ms. Fisher except for reports this morning that the Prosecutor has charged her with ‘ESCAPE’ for cutting off her Home incarceration bracelet and taking it on the lam for a while.  So Fisher is still in jail on this charge.

She is in the ironic position of being held in jail on a charge of Escape from a crime she has been found not guilty of.   Ain’t “Justice” grand????