TopTopTop-002Top-003Above: 1.  DPA Linda Lamping and PD Mitch Harlan confer in bench conference with Judge Dan Moore

Above 2.  Mitch Harlan cross examines alleged victim on Facebook posts she made that seem to contradict her testimony and impeach the other prosecuting witness

Above 3.  Harlan draws the alleged victim’s attention to a document on cross examination

Above 4.  Chief PD and co-counsel Jeff Stonebraker and the defendant, Juanita Fisher observe the proceedings from counsel table.


Goliath stopped in to Circuit Court to watch a bit of the Fisher trial.  One of the alleged victims was on cross examination with PD Mitch Harlan. Harlan was doing a very even and slowly effective cross examination of the juvenile witness. Without being harsh,  Harlan showed Facebook private messages by the victim that seemed to contradict her and the other victim’s testimony.  The message were to the other victim’s juvenile girlfriend and the topic was that the claims being made against Fisher were lies made up to enable the juvenile male to continue his relationship with the girlfriend by getting Fisher ‘out of the way’.

Linda Lamping challenged the Facebook messages and questioned whether the court was being presented with the complete flow of messages and internet conversation.

Judge Moore was handling the delicate process very effectively, assisting the witness in speaking up and clarifying the relevance of the documents and facebook messages that were for evidence from those which were not.

Goliath apologizes to those depicted in these drawings.  He is not a very good artist as far as capturing good likenesses of subjects …especially on the fly. But, perhaps the drawings can give some of the flavor of the courtroom proceedings.

UPDATE: a nice story on the day’s events by Gary Popp at the NT: http://newsandtribune.com/local/x2000912801/Second-teen-gives-testimony-in-molest-case