Just some sappy words from a proud father

As I set here trying to recall the very first time he picked up a ball, I’m having so many thoughts flood my brain it’s almost overwhelming.  I have somehow helped raise one of the best young men in the world.

This 17-year-old young-man has been consuming the majority of my weekends and summers with basketball since 3rd grade and now its over…

My first reflection of this came today as the last seconds were ticking off the clock in his teams semi-state high school game.  What an enjoyable ride it has been.  From Dad to Coach and back to Dad, never really being 100% sure if the advice I was dishing out was correct or just going with my gut.

I always wanted him to reach his full potential.  If that was as a starter with a 20 point per game average or a bench guy that is part of something truly special and having the capacity to realize it…it never really mattered to me.

I’m really proud of my son for many things but today was a pinnacle of the “Proud Dad Moments”  I will never see my son come out on the court in a high school basketball uniform again. No, today was and will always be his last time with his team, brothers, and fellow comrades.

My son is a great kid, student, and all-around good person.  I know I’m somewhat biased in my opinion of him but after hearing this from so many people I can’t help but to think it’s true.

Being the first-born child to two very young parents- 20 and 21 years old were my wife and I.  He pretty much stayed under the microscope for attention and tutelage.  I would have to say that I never truly understood how hard I’ve been on him until now.  I always wanted the best for my son.  I always wanted him to have the confidence to realize that he could take on the world and win.  Originally, in my mind I thought that meant for him to be a superstar or be a dominant physical specimen.  It wasn’t until the past few years that I have truly discovered that my son has developed into a very special human being.  The type of person who cares about the feelings of others before himself.  The kind of human that will do for others before himself.  The type of friend that will be there for his peers when they need him.  The type of kid that will always have a conscious and realize that there are always less fortunate people around that can use some help or guidance.

As I set here rambling on this keypad, I am reflecting on my life as a father and how truly inspiring it is to have the ability to see your children transform before our very eyes into young adults who will make a positive impact on this otherwise negative world…

I love my son and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes…