Katrina Baker Trial


(Photo by News Tribune)

The  Katrina Baker Trial   Baker, Katrina wb.jpg   is underway…The DPA is Jen Harmeyer, trying her first major felony case.


Here she is (center) examining Jeff Detective Bobby McGee about an overhead photo of the crime scene area.

Katrina is represented by Tom “T-bird” Byrd public defender and co-counsel Brad Jacobs. (disclosure: Brad Jacobs and the GSL share office space.)

Katrina looks like she has put on some weight after sitting in the jail for a year and a half. She is accused of
conspiring with Joe Mayes, her uncle, to rob the victim in this case, Anthony Redd. Here is how she appeared in court today
while her lawyers defended her. Top-001

The News Tribune’s Gary Popp has been doing a very good job covering the case. His story

One interesting tid bit, and it makes the Goliath News Bureau wonder, ‘what’s up with that? We learn her co-defendant, Joe Mayes pled to voluntary manslaughter….that implies killing with sudden heat. And he got a sentence of 30 years in prison…but as all savvy GAW News readers know…that such a sentence REALLY means 15 years (assuming Joe doesn’t ‘act up’ too bad while serving his time and gets ‘good time credit’). But here we are told Katrina Baker faces up to 100 YEARS (or 50 ‘actual’) From the NT, “Baker faces a maximum of 100 years in prison if found guilty of both charges.” Then the NT tells us, “Mayes was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in November 2012. He was given a sentence of 30 years in prison followed by a 20-year probation term.” So the trigger man gets 15 year, and this gal facing 50? so…what’s up with that? Let’s take a look at their records:

Katrina was convicted of Visiting a Common Nuisance in 2008 a B misdemeanor She was convicted of Obtaining a Legend Drug by Fraud in 2006 (a D felony).

Joe MayesMayes, Joseph wb.jpg  Possession Schedule I, II, III, or IV Controlled Substance (Class D Felony) 2011, Battery, A misd. 2008, Theft (amended from Armed Robbery 2008). Dealing Cocaine B Felony 2002, Robbery C felony 2001.

So what’s up with that?  Well, at the time of his plea, Jeremy Mull commented (according to NT reports) “There wasn’t any physical evidence, whatsoever,” Mull said. “So, our proof in this case, if it went to trial, would have been the lady who was present when he was murdered who was giving oral sex to the victim, and it would have been a jail-house snitch. Those would have been our main points of proof in the case, and that doesn’t play over a lot of times well in the courtroom.”

Mull said it was better for the prosecution and the victim’s family to come to an agreement and to avoid trial.

“He can’t appeal. He is there. He is stuck. He is sent away,” he said. “That was a better option in this case than going to trial on the murder and having a very significant risk he could have been acquitted and walked out of the door free.”

Ok…but why then putting the hammer on Katrina Baker? Dunno.  It is significant and important to consider the victim and his family and their thoughts. The decedent is Anthony Redd Redd, Anthony wb.jpg   In Court today, members of his family were there watching the proceedings.  Here is Gary Popp’s story on Maye’s ‘deal’.

It’s not a very pretty tale…no matter how you cut it. The case is being tried before Judge Dan Moore who has been very busy in 2013 trying cases.  This is about the fifth trial for that Court this year.

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