Keith Fetz for Council

Goliath done his bit for King and Country this past year.  Goliath set loos the dogs of war by way of leasing the GSL to the Democrat Party along with Micky Weber to get two jobs done:

1.   Recount votes in the Clerk’s race  Democrats win!

2.   Challenge the Republican for Town Court Judge in Clarksville  Democrats win!

Thus does Goliath think he has done enough and has called the Shyster lawyer back to various tawdry cases representing Goliath and Gawnews in high level negotiations.

Goliath done stayed out of the Jeff City Races.   But Goliath decided to write this here an back Keith Fetz and his return to the HELL of trying to be in Jeff City Government. We not knows why Keith want to do this. Perhaps he is a glutton for punishment. But thank GAWDS  he does.