Kentucky Strikes Blow for the Heathern Gawds!!

Did you happens to see  the great and wonnerful news?  Kentucky done passed a religous freedom bill.  This here bill say that if some dad blasted little local or State law go against my RELIGOUS beliefs,  then dad blast it I can IGNORE IT!

As the many and the all know very very well,  Goliath is a heathern. He follow the heathern Gawds. Amongst the heathern beliefs is we can have as many wimmens in marriage and concubinage as we can handle.  We also had temples where we had temple harlots what would devote themselves to pleasuring us heatherns. Them was som of the good old days. We will now have THAT again. Don’t forget rituals of sacrifice the likes of you would not believe.  Goliath will be taking an Oxen out to the mainsquare of Downtown Louisville Kentucky for a ritual sacrifice   along with some purple smoke.

Has you all notice how smart an sassy the Sprout been acting lately?  Under the good Old King James Old Testament (what adopted many and many of heathern laws and rules)  I will now be free to whip the tar out of the Sprout.  (though,,,in truth Goliath might find it hard to do…but…We GOT TO FOLLOW The GAWDS RULES NOW DON”T WE?) When the Child Protective Service shows up to rescue Sprout…Goliath just Laugh in their face!  Goliath just exercising his RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS!!!

Goliath also like some of these new fangled religions …the Rastafarians feels that Ganja is a sacred weed what allows us to commune with the sacred….Goliath feel that since he not a dad blasted monotheist …he adopting this here Gawd religion too.  Also…basically any Religions what is beneficial to the wants and needs of Goliath.