Kevin Vissing for Council

Kevin Vissing ran for Mayor of Jeffersonville 4 years ago.    He challenged Tom Galligan for the nomination.  Notable then, as now, that he ran a positive campaign

and was willing to speak his mind  clearly and say what he thought about the issues. Since then he has run and served on the County

Council and has served with honor and distinction.    His honesty and integrity are not questioned.  He has seen first hand the difficulties that come from trying

to govern the county with a financial straightjacket so I am sure he will be a mindful and watchful custodian of budget matters.   Mr. Vissing takes some

knocks from some quarters for having backed the RDA.  But,  to his credit he didn’t pussyfoot about it. Said why he voted for it initially and gave his reasons.

You might disagree with those reasons, but they weren’t crazy or corrupt reasons.

Meanwhile, this is a guy who has experienced life in all its ups and downs…. including the worst thing that could happen to a parent.  He has been a steady

worker in his position at Vectern Energy.

On the more human side, the guy is funny.  He likes a good joke.  He drives a great Cobra repro.  (that’s not a qualification for office but it does show he knows how

to have fun and enjoy life….. something  I admire.)    He is also a pilot.   It takes quite a bit of intelligence and  self control to be a pilot.  I can’t recall knowing

a pilot that wasn’t an evolved human being.    Gawnews endorses Kevin Vissing for Jeff City Council.