April 24, 2014 Indiana Big Four Ramp Construction Update

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. – Contractors are making good progress installing lighted handrails for the Indiana approach ramp to the Big Four Bridge. Within the past two weeks, crews with Hummel Electric have installed 1,200 linear feet of railing for straight ramp sections near the top and middle of the ramp.

In addition, Gohmann Construction returned to the site to install custom safety railing and an expansion plate in a sizable gap where the new ramp meets the bridge. Updated photos of installation and the custom safety railing are available in the “Big Four Bridge handrails” album

Looking ahead

Railing for the curved sections of the ramp is still being manufactured and may be available at the manufacturer in Wisconsin as early as Friday, May 2. Hummel Electric says that installation of the curved railing is more complex than the straight sections, and will take approximately 20 fair weather working days to complete. “INDOT and its contractors are eager to complete – as safely and as soon as possible – its contracts with Jeffersonville that funded 80 percent of the Big Four ramp construction,” said INDOT Chief of Staff Troy Woodruff, who toured the work zone yesterday.

Contractors are focusing on completing handrail installation along the ramp first before shifting their attention to the stairway, which descends to the Ohio River side of the floodwall. Regular schedule updates will be provided through this communications channel and via social media at: or


Goliath interepret the above to suggest BEST CASE SCENARIO would open  the ramp maybe sometime in June.  However, with the additonal issues of handrails for the stairs, possible weather delays and other unforeseen issue….Goliath sticking with what he was told by some  working Jakes on the project…AUGUST.



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