Mac Spainhour Responds on FACEBOOK to Goliath Article

Mac wrote a response to Goliath’s article   on FACEBOOK he wrote:

“In your recent post you express concerns over what you consider to be a lack of loyalty in the Democratic Party in Clark County. You point to key democrats giving favor to candidates you feel are not loyal enough, or the right Party to deserve that favor. This is a great country, and one of the things great about this country is the right to support the individual we each feel deserves to lead us. In that right is a great responsibility to select the individual that will lead fairly and honestly. As a current or former leader of our community, integrity dictates you should support the individual you feel will best serve the community as a whole, not just a select few from a certain party or demographic. Way to go all you Democrats that support a candidate that deserves your support because they are the right choice, not the “Right Party”. As for pulling votes from one candidate or another, isn’t that the point of an election? Obtain more votes than your opponents? If votes are “taken” from a candidate, one would assume the recipient would be the candidate that the voter feels deserves the vote.”

I tried to reply as follows, but I couldn’t get the comment to post: Here’s my comment

Mac, I appreciate your comment above, and in a perfect world (which I ain’t seen yet) Party doesn’t  matter. But, in THIS world it does.  The problem with your view regarding pulling votes….is pretty clear from the 2000 election in Florida. Ralph Nader was running a hopeless race but he certainly pulled enough votes off of Gore to throw the State into a virtual tie….decided later by a REPUBLICAN Supreme Court to award the election to Bush. I would be fine if you or Brian win…but I fear you are going to cut into those votes enough and give it to Mr. Noel. Which I think is the last choice in my opinion.

I do think it is bad form for a person who has benefited his/her whole career from our party to not support that party when he/she no longer has any personal thing to gain.  Loyalty is an important quality that I look for.  It speaks to larger elements in a person’s character.  I am reminded of this when I look at the prosecutor’s race.  Bob Bottorff served Steve Stewart both as a top deputy and in politics by serving as his campaign treasurer.