“Maplehurst Golf Course” by Matt Lemme

Today I drove by Maplehurst Golf course in Bullitt County. It always makes me smile. I was FORBIDDEN from ever going there by myself when I was 9 years old-for good reason. It is on a very dangerous road. I went anyway- several times a week to the clubhouse. There was a pool table. I played pool with the local attorneys and judges there. They knew who I was. They bought me cheeseburgers and red cream soda. One Saturday I went with my dad. I would walk with him sometimes while he played. We walked in the clubhouse and were greeted by the lady behind the counter. ” Hi Norm. HI MATT!! Norm, your boy is quite a pool shark!” I am trying for all I can to use telepathy to convey to this lady the need to instantly shut up, when the District Court Judge asks me from across the room when he’ll get a rematch in pool. He explains for all to hear that I beat him out of a red cream soda twice-once last week and once this week.
That was a looooooong 9 holes that day folks. Every time he swung a club (which was about 60 times for Dad on 9 holes) I thought, ” here it comes.” Never happened. Just a looong quiet afternoon of dread.