Mayor Fights for Indiana on Bridge

ONce again Gawnews tips it’s hat to  Mayor Mike Moore.  The news is that the East End Bridge appears to be all dolled up on the Kentucky side to look good for all those “river ridge” types in Prospect   what with their fancy aesthetic tastes.  However,  somebody done forgot that GOLIATH  and other Southern Indiana lovers have aesthetic standards too.   The State of Indiana INDOT and whatnot,  have apparently failed to keep up with the Kentuckians. And let Goliath just say…its a very very sad day when Kentuckians are ahead of Hoosiers when it comes to aesthetics.  Here’s the story as presented a week or so ago in the NT:

And who is doing  ANYTHING about this sleight?  Mayor Mike Moore.  

The Courier Journal reports: ” Moore said he understands the need to rein in project costs, but not at the expense of one state over the other.

“They’ve done a very good job in complementing the entrance to Kentucky, and I’m going to fight tooth and nail to get the same for Indiana,” Moore said.”

Here’s the story:

Moore is rightly upset that Indiana is not being treated fairly in this matter and  here at Gawnews we THANK HIM for sticking up, not just for Jeff but for all of Indiana.  We encourage other community and political leaders to back him in this mission.