Mexican Cartel gets Hooks into Local Gummit

The US attorney announced they was charging Evansville’s Redevelopment Director with Money laundering for a Mexican Cartel.  Here’s the dad blasted story:  Money Laundering

From time to time,  some of you what has the unmitergated gall to question Goliath’s obssesions and OCD compulsions about the Mexican Drug Cartel’s and Drug War (as reported many and many a time) like Goliath was focusing on irrelvancies and such shizz.  However, you may well now recall Goliath reported on a story of a million dollar bust of the Zeta Gang in Okolona.  Some soldiers had set up a dad blasted ‘safe house’ in Okolona and the LMPD got into ’em.

Now we get this here story.  While these is MERELY accussations made by JOe Hogshead….if it turn out true, then it look like the GULF Cartel is competing for Regional Turf with the Zetas.  Meanwhile, up in Chicago, Goliath went on a fact finding mission last weekend and find out the City of Chicago recently named “El Chapo” Guzman as Public Enemy Number One up there.  (However,  there was a recent story on the Narco blog that Guzman might have been killed last month).

Well,  in Goliath’s VERY VERY WISE view….the best weapon we have is to decriminalize these here drugs and make a legit market.

Is this ‘giving up’ the War on Drugs?  Yes.  So what!  How about we start using our heads instead of trying to be so ‘tough’.  I would rather WIN the war on drugs even if it means a tactical retreat must be employed.  Juli Ceasar,  my favorite leader, went to  Greece to fight Pompey.  When he got over there,  Pompey whipped his assumptions in the first few rounds and Juli ran all over avoiding further fights. Was Juli a coward?  No.  Was he smart?  Yes.  Finally Juli found a good spot Pharsalus, and whipped Pompey.